Send my mom naked pics

I have been trying to figure out a way for years for my mom to see my full grown d***. I have tried toning it to where she comes in my room and I’m naked but it never works out. I’m thinking about “accidentally” sending her pics of my d*** (it’s really nice) I snuck peeks of her naked bush a lot when I was younger

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  • Just start masturbating in your room and make some noise that will cause her to come see what is going on. Let her catch you with your hard c*** in your hand. See if she volunteers to finish the job for you.

  • Ten years ago I was 15 just kept getting naked in front of her. Mom was 35. Until she gave up trying to make me stop. Then I started to j*** in front of her. Mom freaked out, but I just kept doing it. Time after time.

    I would also get in bed with her naked while she slept. I lift her t-shirt and j*** off looking at her ass. Finally when I was 16 on a Friday night I couldn't stop myself, I close to c****** I lubed my d*** with hand lotion and entered her p**** from behind.

    I pumped a few times and Mom woke up. It took her a few seconds to realize what I was doing. She started screaming "No Stop." But I grabbed her around the waist to hold her, and pumped faster. She was screaming and struggling "No not inside me!" At that moment I came into her. She was in shock and layed there and started to cry. I got up and left.

    And hour later I was hard again, thinking about f****** Mom again. I went back to her room she was curled and still crying. I got on the bed and she looked at me. I was rock hard. And she said, Please don't this is wrong.

    I then entered again, she didn't fight back this time. I f***** her for 15 minutes. During that time she came, and then I came in her again.

    That weekend I f***** 4 more times. I started f****** her this way every day at least twice a day always c****** in her. She didn't fight back but let me do it. She also came most times.

    6 months after it started she said she was pregnant. And had our baby.

    To this day I f*** her at least twice a day. When she has her period, I ass f*** her. The difference is she comes to my bed now on her own.

    She has gotten pregnant 3 more times since then.

  • Send me your pics, and her email, I will make sure she sees them
    sam65802 at yah

  • You're actually better off walking around naked.

  • Send me your pics and I will post it too her

  • Do it. And try to see her naked again.

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