Baby sitting

I was baby sitting this 9 month old girl. I did it for her on weekends to earn a little towards my college expenses. This Saturday it was almost past 9 pm and she would not go to sleep. She was getting restive, even not accepting her feeder. While every efforts of mine was failing, I hit an option – I took off my bra, spread a few drops of her formula milk on to my nips and offered one to her mouth. She eagerly started sucking on it. OMG! I never had this sensation I was having to her suckling on my t**. The sensation even went down to my p**** and I was getting h**** started stroking my c***. When she released this t**, I offered her the other one. Her sucking on it led me to a strong o***** shaking my whole body. By this time she felt drowsy and went sleep soon.

Aug 14, 2019

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  • WOW! this worked on me. The baby I was sitting with started sucking (suckling?) and the sensation started sending waves of tingling sensation from my abdomen as of radiating to whole body. For my age (15 yo) it was new to me and I guess it was my first o*****. I am looking forward to the next weekend with the baby!

  • I am 17 and baby sit for this 8 mo baby girl. I think I will try your tech so that my nips get enlarged - they are almost hidden into my b****!! Thanks for the tips.

  • Works great for a guy too, just put formula on the tip of your d***, put it to her lips and she will suck like mad, best feeling there is

  • They love slurping up hot c.m too!

  • Never thought so! Can you elaborate further?

  • How much plainer can you get? if you can't understand that then there is no hope for you

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