My life as a Bull

My son was about 15 at this time and we were living in Idaho at this time when a friend of his asked if he wanted to bus down to California for the weekend with him and his Dad to Watch a Raiders game.
I met with them and we talked about it and the game was three weeks away but together we arranged for my expenses and I trusted Earl the father to keep an eye on him but my son had never been a problem and I also trusted him .
By this time I had been running my adds for several years and now instead of making contacts through the mail we could leave our phone # so I added a second phone to my room and I told my son it was for business and never answer it.
I was having good luck meeting with several couples a month now and when this younger couple contacted me just a couple days before Larry left for the game I set up a meeting for the night after he left.
Nampa Idaho is flat farm land as far as you can see and there is a country western bar called the Breakers so we arranged to meet there.
I was decked out in my cowboy hat and boots and I had told them what to look for and the place was crowded but I managed to get a table alone until they showed up and I had seen her picture that they had sent me and I recognized her as soon as they came in but she was much smaller than I had imagined she must have been only about 5 foot even if that tall and she looked like a Barbie doll dressed up in her cute little cowgirl outfit.
I stood up and she stopped taking her husbands hand and said something to him and turned back to me smiling at me and waving as they made their way to my table and the band was so loud that we almost had to shout and I regretted my choice of meeting spots now..
She had this shoulder purse and I could see several paperback mags in it and as we introduced ourselves still shouting over the music of the band I could see they were a little annoyed to but she was game and determined to get on with it finally I stood when the band took a break and said lets get out of here and we sat in their car talking and Fran was bubbling with excitement showing me her conquests so far .
She has several adult mags and they were all earmarked as she showed me guy after guy they had met with then she looked at me and said I want to suck you off looking around as though she was weighing the chances of doing it right there but I said there is a Dr,s Office not far away that has a parking lot behind the building that is safer so we drove there and parked I opened the back door and Steve tossed his jacket to Fran so she could kneel on it so I dropped my pants around my knees and she squealed in delight taking it in her hand eagerly stroking my c*** telling me how big it was then she began to suck on it scraping my shaft with her teeth lightly and she was a very good c*** sucker but mid way a security guy came by and we quickly got back in the car and drove off Steve said I know of a motel 6 not far off and we headed there with Francis looking hungrily at me so I said I want to eat your p**** and she made a strangled sound in her throat and climbed over the seat into the back with me and in seconds I had her panty's off and her skirt was up around her neck with me trying to see how far I could stick my tongue up inside of her and she was thrashing around moaning and clawing at my hair cars were going buy and I think Steve was busy trying to look in the back mirror because I heard horns going off and Fran was clawing at me her cute little p**** was crushed against my mouth and I had to breath through my nose then she came almost screaming her body shook like she had been tossed into a snow bank then she just kind of froze gasping for breath she looked up at me and said I want you in me and my pants were still down around my knees so I raised up over her and she took my c*** and guided me into her .
Steve turned into the parking area and we were rear ended but the guy drove off and Steve didn't seam to care because he said I will be right back and headed for the office I was f****** her now and she was a wild little thing but Steve got back before I got my nuts and pulled into a parking spot and got out I was holding up my pants with one hand and Fran got out her blouse open and her hair in disarray and with one hand she held her blouse closed but one breast was peeking out her nipples hard little buttons as Steve opened the door and we went inside soon we were naked and f****** like animals mindlessly Francis came a second time and then I got my nuts and we laid back breathing heavily but Francis still had a choke hold on my c*** as we all talked bed then we started talking about how they started and I was surprised that it was Frans Idea to begin with but Steve went along with it and he asked me if I would mind if he licked my c** out of her and by this time it had happen a few times and I was used to it,
Fran turned out to be a surprise to because she is muli orgasmic and c*** very easily and as Steve licked her p**** she came again then I was hard again and I f***** her several different ways missionary style doggy fashion scissor and with her on her belly and I finally after about a half hour of our laughing and talking as we f***** I came a second time and after that as we talked she asked if I could get it up again and I said maybe and she said that she wanted me and Steve to get out c**** into her p**** at the same time I was still limp but by now she was sitting on Steve's mouth as he licked my c** out of her again when she leaned over me and we began to kiss as she gasped in delight as we kissed and Steve sucked my sperm out of her then she struggled around a little changing positions and I felt Steve's mouth on my c*** and he sucked life back into my c*** but when we decided to try her Idea about two c**** in her p**** and Steve was on his back with Fran sitting on his c*** and she leaned forward so I could have access but to many legs were in the way and I could only get my c*** head in her so we moved to the edge of the bed and tied again with Steve's legs on the floor and her knees on the bed with me standing behind on the floor,
I managed to get a couple inches of my c*** in her this way but when I tried to f*** her I would fall out so since her cute little ass hole was so available I spit on my c*** head and let it fall into position and Fran didn't even notice at first but when I added pressure and her a****** started to give was she said not there Larry not there but I spit on my c*** head again and pushed harder and when my d*** head slipped into her she went UMPHHHOMG and fell forward onto Steve and Steve said HOLY S*** I can feel your c*** against mine and he started f****** like a ribbit and I could feel his c*** bumping into mine as Fran grunted as our thrusts became even faster god her a****** was tight and it felt fantastic Steve cried out I'm C****** and he made a few more spastic stroked and stopped gasping for breath but I could not stop now until I came again then Fran was between us with two c**** in her spiked like a hot dog over a fire .
Afterwards Steve was jubilant talking about how good it felt with my c*** rubbing against his inside of his wife.
as they drove me back to my car.

Aug 17, 2019

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