Neighbor’s Daughters

I m********* to the online photos posted by my neighbor’s teen daughters. I’ve even made fake nude photos of the two of them. When my wife is out or in the shower, I pull up their photos on my computer and m*********, and I moan each of their names loudly when I c**. These two girls drive me wild.

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  • Easy to think about, extremely hard to actually do it. You should investigate whether they are interested in the first place and this is extremely dangerous path which could end-up with serious consequences for you. I would say you have 99% chance to fail and only 1% chance to win if you play your cards well. You must have a clean way out so that your actions or attempts couldn't be used against you in the court.
    It's much easier to pick just one random unknown girl far away from your residence, seduce her with your style and money eg. good car like BMW M5 and score with her. Give her your best. You also must have a clean way out or plan how to minimize the damage if she tries to twist the story, because dumb people, police, courts, law will be always on woman's side, regardless whether she is guilty or not. This is the reality of our brave new western-gestapo-feminazi world. It's absolutely necessary that there is a mutual consent.

  • How do they look

  • I am in a spookily similar situation and have taken it to another level by getting access to both girls' dirty knickers. If you'd like to chat email me;
    We could maybe help each other out with deeper access to their online world without the suspicion of being idenitifed online as coming from the same town.

  • Thats always a hot fantasy

  • Go over and f*** them

  • I wish I was that girl

  • Do you need attention little girl?

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