Arab storekeeper shoots black man stealing a beer

He shot the black guy in the back. A $2.00.00 beer cost the young black man his life. Not sure what to say but the Arab guy has been arrested. He has no defense really and he is going to prison. His only defense is temporary insanity especially if he has been repeatedly robbed.

It was a stupid thing to do. The poor back guy is dead and the Arab is in prison for decades probably.

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  • Should have shot himself too. Down only one n*****.

  • Where are all the cries of racism? Oh that's right, there weren't any wypipo involved.

  • If this happened at every robbery, then there would be no more.

  • No, the storekeeper won't spend much time in prison. Why? Because black lives really don't matter.

  • Not guilty

  • Why risk your life for a can of beer ? Theft is theft and ya pay when ya play.

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