doing it for school

I am 19. Last night was my first night as a prostitute at a brthel in reno. I have been with lots of guys since I lost my virginity at 14, probably about 20. Last night I added 8to that in 8 hours. It was gross and I am very sore. I have to do it to pay for college. My first customer was a creepy guy about 50 years old. He had me strip while he watched then told me to lie down. He pulled down his pants and had me suck his c***.(after I put a condemn on it) When he was hard he shoved it in and f***** me really hard for about 45 minutes. He was huge(about 10 inches) and very rough. I hated it. The rest were not as bad. I made $1800 for 8 hours. $200 per man and one gave me 200 to eat his c**. yuck

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  • Honey, don't listen to any of these people.
    Prostitution is the longest occupation for women in world history and before the 1800s it was actually a respectable job.
    To this day, mistresses still exist everywhere.
    All the people calling you a s*** and worthless are closed minded people who never followed that road. I was a prostitute. Started when I was 17 and I was, still am, expensive (I charge $300 for GFE and $400 for PSE, all per hour) - I'm pricey because I am extremely rare (gay male, attractive and a horde of other things to keep the men coming). I turned to prostitution not because I WANTED to, but because I HAD to - sort of. I'm a rape victim and I believe that I belong in being a prostitute since I have a split personality which well...forces me to have spontaneous s**. I used it to my advantage - I mean, I can't escape that cycle.
    Same with you. You are doing it because you HAVE to, not because you want to. You have no choice, so don't feel bad.
    Trust me, talk to other prostitutes and when you hear their life story a lot of them are doing it to financially support their family, to fund their education, because they were sexually abused or raped (like I was) and are deeply convinced they belong there, are foreign to the country and need the money, or were s** trafficked. I say only 2-3% of all prostitutes are there because they are s****, maybe even less than that.

  • (Me again)
    As a side note, you can't get diseases from eating c** because the viruses and bacteria die in the acid in your stomach. Be sure however to go to the doctor and get vaccinations against HPV, Hepatitis B, C and A and always use a condom for s**. However, don't perform unprotected oral s**/eat c** if you have a mouth sore/cut/ulcer.
    I am happy you are working for a brothel. I wasn't and that got me into a mix of bad people. If a man is rough with you and makes you do something you don't want and that does not abide by the criteria (example, he pays for GFE and wants you to suck his d*** with no condom or wants a***) then you have the right to kick him out. And if he is...too big, you can also kindly decline. You can also give preferences to your manager/p*** - excluding race, age, appearance, etc.but including s** acts outside of your criteria (what you are okay with doing - for example: I do a*** and oral, but I do not 'top' or allow fisting or 'crude sexual acts'). But if a man is too violent or too rough that it hurts you have a right to complain and they may not be allowed to come in again. The patrons are entitled to s**, not to hurt you.

    Anyway, I hope you good luck in your studies and please do not feel any guilt. You had no choice and be proud because think of it this way, not only is the s** meaningless, but you are so willing to pursue your studies you will turn to prostitution. So many weak people would just run away, do drugs and forever work at a fast food store and get no education. I am proud of you for doing that. :)

  • Ah the poor college baby drinkers. Atleast you go paid for it. Most college s**** do it for free.


  • bbblllllluuuufffffffffffiiiiinnnngggggg I'm telling you, this is that same 40 year old fat guy in his mom's basement. We all know hookers don't know how to use computers, duh...

  • Seems like you're that 'fat guy!' that resides in your moms basement!

  • So seeing as you ate c**...
    Your not worried about STDs. ?
    Just getting pregnant by a stranger?
    Sounds like a great plan.
    I hope you dont get AIDS or something else.
    Wouldnt be worth it if you were doing it to pay for college but didnt live long enough to be able to use your education.

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