I've been married for 11 months. first marriage for both of us. i'm working out of town for this week and the next two and staying in a decent hotel. i discovered last night (my first night here) that there's a bar downstairs where some really upscale prostitutes hang out. i may try to get my courage up and go down there tonight and pick one up. i've never cheated before, but hey....there's a first time for everything right?

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  • I got with three and fell in love with the third one who was a good bit older than the others. I'm not sure what happens next but I can't wait to find out.

  • You're making this snippet of information a temptation for yourself, because you're aware these prostitutes are present at your hotel bar. They aren't directly tempting you, by overtly seeking your services and floundering their goodies to coerce you into parting with your cash. Don't blame them, you have a mind of your own. If anything, you seem inclined to have a cheating nature, if you're tempting yourself to cheat on your wife. Just because they're there offering s** for money, doesn't mean you're inclined to notice them, let alone, be tempted by them. You're tempted because of your own thoughts and sexual desires. If you're happily married, respect your wife and the love you share with each other, you wouldn't cheat. And even if you wasn't happily married, that's still not an excuse to cheat. Don't disrespectful the love and vows you have with your wife, you may regret it. To hurt someone you profess to love by cheating on them, is a heartbreaking betrayal. Think with your heart and not with your d***!

  • How would you like if the situation was vice versa, with your wife out of town? What if she picked up a guy? Would you like that? But don't forget what comes around goes around. Always remember what you do always comes back to you in the same way, or a different way. So if years from now you find that she is cheating don't get mad just think you did the same thing.

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