The first experience with womens panties was when I was 10 and with my moms fullback black nylon panties. I walked into the laundry room and on the floor was a balled up pair of nylon panties. I instantly got the overwhelming feeling to pick them up. I did and felt how soft they are. Then I decided to try them on and I did. Oh they were so soft and felt just right. I started rubbing my p**** faster and faster till I erupted. Then I found another pair and wore them all day and to bed. Now I'm 51 and wear my panties 24/7.

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  • School knickers from BaileyFreer have elastic in tunnels at the waist and both legs. They are wonderful to wear if you have trouble sleeping because you feel so secure “knickered” And you can have exactly the measurements you want. It is best to take the measurements from a pair of your Male underpants which are comfortable, but maybe direct that the crotch be shortened a bit so to give some gentle pressure on your front. And in the winter, with your bum well covered...just incredible.

  • Nice the first time I tried panties I came with out touching my self It felt so good I’ve been hooked ever since I’m rubbing myself in panties right now

  • I first started in Mom's panties but soon began wearing all the other silky things women wore. I loved the summers while mom went to work and I had all day with her things. I used to wait for our maid to clean my parents room and then I would go in and start looking at all mom's silky panties and lingerie, picking out what I wanted to wear. She would watch me get naked, and then dress up in mom's panties, garter belt & black hose, her girdle, short half slip, and her 36B bra. She loved watching me and even laughed at me dressed up as a woman. I also let her feel me all over, and she alsp returned the favor to me. God it was so exciting doing this in front of her. She really loved me doing this.

  • Same here, older than you and panties 24/7 for me, mums, sis in laws, nieces, great nieces, gf's, my friends wives, friends daughters, neighbours girls I have worn them all

  • Panties are great. Granny panties. nylon

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