I've been a pathological liar my intire life. I even remember one of my first more significant lies. At age 22 this has caused me alot of problems. I moved back home from University after a year of trying and suffered from depression since then which hasn't helped either. I now live by myself and am unemployed due to layoffs. I used to be a really socialable person, I hung out with alot of different groups from alot of different towns and enjoyed my life to an extent. Everyone that knew me knew my lied story. I told them of different experiences i've had that were lies, told them about different girls i'd hook up with which was a lie because I have such anxiety issues that I wouldn't be able to commit to any of them, I lied about my intire life so that I could put myself ahead of the pack, problem was that once I reached university I had no identity. I mean I wanted to start fresh and tell people who I really am, but then it dawned on me that I really don't know who I am, which is what ive been struggling with this whole time. Everyone says that for someone to change that they have to simply just do it but it's really not that easy. I mean when your whole life is based on lies, even to your own family, you can't simply just starting "acting" like yourself, nobody would understand that drastic of a change. That and the fact that i'm a very boring person who doesn't get out anymore, it's tough to have things to talk about. I'd like to move somewhere new and try fresh, but once a person has acted a certain way their intire life, doesn't that define who they are? Am I so wrong to say that i'm not me because I lie so much, or am I wrong to say i'm not me, when me really is a liar..

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  • Liar!

  • I have good news for you. God (Jesus Christ of Nazareth) can set you free from your sins (which include lying) and make you a totally new person! You get a complete new start, as well as like-minded people who will help you discover who God created you to be. Don't despair. Jesus says the most important things are Faith, Hope and Love. Trust Jesus. Tell Him you are sorry for your sins, and ask Him to save you, and make you a new creature. The beginnings may appear small to you, but every large tree starts with a small seed. Find a good Bible-believing church where they can help you in your Christian walk. If you don't know of one, google one. Jesus bless you!

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  • You mum kept pressing it when she whelped you.

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