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My wife is 9 years younger than me. We met in the Army and I got her pregnant. When I returned from Afghanistan, my wife was deployed. Tommy , my son and I moved in with my mother in law (divorced 10 years). She had Becky when she was 16. Becky is 21, I,m 30, and Missy just turned 37. We dine together every day , hang out, go to the movies and out for drinks and yes f*** like rabbits twice a day. When Becky comes home next month Missy still wants s** at least 3 times a week or she will tell Becky everything. I actually love my wife and am horrified at my actions. I also love Missy and the s** is amazing. Becky is a dud in bed with a low s** drive. I think i'd like to have my cake and eat it (pun intended) too.

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  • Omg i would love to see how they look. Message me at

  • Nothing wrong with f****** your MIL. Keep doing it.

  • You cannot allow Missy to get away from you. Like NEVER. Do what you need to do to try and keep them both, but if you reach a point where you have to make a choice, choose Missy. And moving forward, let her know -- every day -- that she is the focus and the purpose of your life, and that if somebody has to leave it will be Becky.

    And one final thought and recommendation: start working on getting Missy pregnant. Start today. Steal or replace her birth control, lie if you have to, but knock her up.

  • Becky is a good Mom to my son. There is no need to hurt her feelings. My son has to come first and Missy knows that. She also loves her daughter in some weird way, and Becky loves her mom. Another baby would be a nightmare ! Becky is a good person and deserves better than me. Oh but Missy does have a talent for snake charming !

  • Why not? just tell yuor wife, look, you are an iceberg in bed and your mom is HOTT to trot and dtf. i have been f****** her the whole time you have been gone and i am going to continue f****** her every day. you can join in or sit and watch or whatever it is you like, but that is tye way its gonna be.

  • I do not wish to hurt her feelings. She doesn't deserve that. My son doesnt need to be f***** up from a bad childhood. Missy and I have talked about it and we both agree to keep it quiet. We have developed a long term plan. Missy is ok with me f****** her daughter as often as she wants to (probably 1-2 times a month) so long as I am able to take care of her needs too. Missy is going to hook her daughter up with a second shift job at the local hospital so we can have evenings together. When Tommy gets older we will buy the house next door to keep it going.

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