No reason to this post, I just wanted to share

I just wanted to share some ridiculous high school rules. Some of these are pretty hilarious with context, so enjoy the read.

1. "Students are not allowed to wear scrunchies, hair-ties, or hair clips on school grounds." This rule was enforced because some high school girls enjoy playing with their ponytails and hair clips during class. Teachers eventually forced our principal to add it to the handbook because they thought this was a distraction. Now ALL long haired girls play with their hair during class, just because it is constantly in their face.

2. "If a student does not come to school with lunch, they must sit outside until the lunch period is over." This is because parents claim it is rude for other children to eat in front of their kid, if they did not bring a lunch. Kids started to purposely forget their lunch to be apart of 'the secret outside club'. This rule was recently tweaked so that the kids outside were surveyed by a teacher at all times.

3. "If a child is sick and cannot come into school, they must have two proofs of illness." This one makes a lot of parents angry. We are advised to ask our doctors to CALL OUR SCHOOL to confirm that we are ill. Even then, we are required to bring a doctor's note into the office.

4. "Male students are not permitted to wear headbands, skirts, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, boots, or heeled shoes." Meanwhile... "Female students are not permitted to wear crop tops, ripped jeans, or high heels." Anyone caught violating the dress code will be forced to wear bright yellow sweats for the rest of the day, no matter how hot or cold the weather is. You can't just wear one either. You have to wear a sweat shirt and a matching pair of sweat pants.

5. "No student is allowed to bring purses, backpacks, or f**** packs into classrooms." So now pretty much everyone (including me) hauls two or three giant binders with them wherever they go. I put my morning classes in one, my afternoon classes in another, and all school supplies in the third. After I'm finished with a binder, I put it in my locker. At most, I make three trips to my locker a day.

6. And of course, the classic "Phones must be turned off at all times, while class is in session." Teachers get creative with this one. I have an English teacher who will answer your phone for you, if you get a call in the middle of class. Another one will have you read your message aloud in front of everyone. If you refuse to abide by their class rules, they will send you to the principal's office and give you detention.

And there you go... Some of these rules are probably more common than I think, but whatever. Hope at least one made ya laugh.

Sep 23, 2019

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  • We aren't allowed to wear sweatpants because they are too baggy and leave to much to imagine and cause boys to daydream. We can't wear the same hoodie more than once a week. 6th graders are the only ones allowed to have their phones on them every other grade has to keep them in lockers. If we wear tights we have to have something to cover 5 inches under our butt,no like from waist from under our ass

  • Honestly? If you are going to have these "rules" make sure that:

    A. Everyone can follow the (even animals)

    B. Have hair ties on your wrists 'cause they can't be in your hair

    C. Make sure your ringer is up loud so you can say, "Yeah. That's right. My phone's on but you can't have it until you figure out my password."


    D. If you are paying for anything of mine that breaks you shall be paying for it.

  • As a parent it's a pain when kids cant have their phone in class. You know I want to text my kid and get an answer. he he.

    Personally I'd stick all kids including the boys in dresses.

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