I’ve been with only 1 women all the rest was men

I’m happily married but I still have these urges as the bottom I used to be and still am.
it started when I was 15 I found out about Craigslist adds and was curious about c*** I met this 19year old black male and went i bottomed in the back of his car next day met another guy from the add he was in his 60s (also a white male) he fingered and sucked me off and I did the same same day met this Mexican male in his 40s and we f***** twice bareback. Then that night gave bjs to too strangers in there cars. Carry’s on a few months after I met my wife we started talking and the night before I asked her out I met this young white male in his 20s in his hotel and power bottomed till the morning. I stopped after I got with the wife she had and has only been with me sexually and I loved it it’s all mine too train for my liking. later in the years I turned 17 my urges just kept getting worse and worse one night I just broke I found the app Grindr and went wild I met this guy I went to school with huge 9in Mexican c*** and I gave him bjs every Friday for almost a month.i met this Indian kid in his hotel and piped me. Met this black male in his 30s stopped at his house and laid it into me same night met the muscular man at his hotel and I took his c*** then I turned 18 and the wife moved in things stopped for awhile we started pegging and taking care of these urges I only new about and part of me still wants the mans touch I’ve been meeting this guy and sucking him off on the reg. That’s the my story Ik I’ve missed a few guys I’ve done it with but the memories of the c**** remains and I still get hard thinking about it and I’ve only confessed to the wife about the ones before her she’s my world I couldn’t lose her I’ll just keep the secrets

Oct 1, 2019

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  • I was bare backed at nine by a fifteen year old boy and actually liked it. I experienced s*x with him and eventually a few of his friends till I moved at twelve. It was just before I turned thirteen when I experienced my first manc#ck, my 90 pound smooth slender body with an amazing bubblebutt was craving attention and I definitely found it with a guy in his thirties who was well endowed it was an amazing experience, something a little painful but wonderful just the same. I developed relationships with other boys closer to my age and didn't sleep with a man again till I was sixteen.

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