Am wa perver?

I am a black male and I have a weird erotic fantasy which never ceases to get me so h****. Here it is. I am laying on a plush carpet in a hotel room chained to the floor. I have 5 hookers show up at the sane time. They all have big butts, big t*** with protruding nipples. There are two black women, one asian, one white, and one hispanic. They all undress and line up. One by one they sit on my face and grind their very wet p****** all over my face. At the same time each would tease my d*** and tickle my very sensitive nipples. This has the effect of driving me insane. They keep me from unleashing my c**. I ask them to j*** me off or sit on my d*** and they just laugh. The white woman goes over to the table bends over and ask me if I want some white p**** as she pulls her p**** lips apart so I can see the pink inside. I beg the ladies to let me at her. Then one of the black women goes to the table and places a small legged table over the white woman. She lays on her back and pulls her legs back and places them in stirrups connected. She asks me am I hungry. I am beside myself with l*** and keep trying to break my bonds. Finally the other three women unleash me and says ," Go get it!" I grab my d***, run right to that white woman and shoved my d*** into that wonderful white hole. I begin ramming my d*** in and out of that hot slot. The black woman's p**** was at face level. She looks in my eyes and say, "So you like f****** white p****, huh?. Well eat this greasy black c***." With that she grabbed my head and shoves my face into her p****. The other women take up places around me. One stands to the side and begin tickling my nipples, one kneels in front and gobbled my rock hard d***. The last one, the hispanic woman dons a strap on greases my b******* and goes to town reaming me out. After 10 minutes of eating black p****, f****** that white hole, getting sucked off, having my nipples teased and my ass reamed I c** screaming, sweating and shaking like a man possessed I fall to the floor exhausted and satisfied.

Oct 3, 2019

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  • I think you might be gay. LoL

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