My friend and my parents

Its years ago but I still have it in my head. Sorry for bad english, we're french. I have been just 13 when I had 3 friends (female) here for a girlsnight. It happened that my parents had an urgent call and came home unplanned late that evening. And the evening went slowly into a disaster. we started with a pizza delivery and then one of my friends found the bar compartment from my parents in the living room. step by step it all got worse. yes, I too was drinking, we all did. then one of the girls came out of my parents bedroom with a dvd she found in one of the drawers. We sure put it in and watched. it showed my parents having s**. First I thought it was emberassing, but when all my friend thought it was cool, it was ok with me (and i confess, I got h**** of seeing that. We have been lucky because when my parents came home, the DVD already was over and TV off. but we have all been minimum tipsy but more likely drunk. It must have been hard to do, but they put us in bed and provided us with buckets. Then they went to bed too. Later i learned they have been completely down just about us girls and the emergency call they had gotten earlier. So they had one or two drinks too before going to sleep. I woke in the middle of the night and had to get something to drink (water). I saw that one of the sleepingbags on the floor was empty. The door to my parents was open and when I carefully looked in, I saw my friend Emilia in bed with my parents. they all were naked and I at once knew that they have had s**. The nexr day Emilia confessed it to me. She too wanted something to drink and the door of my parents was open and they did f***. She (like me) never had seen such a thing in real life and stood there watching. She started touching herself while watching them. when my parents came to an end and my mom slipped down from my dad, my friend in her drunken mind (and h**** as never before) went into the room and layed down in the middle between them. She was too scared to touch my dad, because she never touched a boy or man before. But she already for some years made out with her older sister, better to say, her older sister with her. So Mr. Alcohol made her go down on my mom. She licked her and my mom did not do anything against it. She layed there and pushed my friends head down between her legs. My friend was convinced that my mom came minimum 2 times. She did know the signs from her sister. But the weirdest thing she remembered was, that sie noticed my dad all the time watching her doing that to my mom. and when she took her head up after moms second c**, he took my friends head between both hands and put his hard c*** in her mouth. he f***** her mouth only a short time and then spurted into it. she remembered she swallowed but not how it tasted. then they all three have been tired and slept. As I said, a pure desaster!

Oct 3, 2019

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  • When is the next disaster planned ?

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