Last Halloween my mom dressed me up like a girl, girls underpants a everything. I felt really different like and I know it's weird but I made out with another boy who was my big brother's best friend. I did all sorts of stuff, stuff that boy's usually do with girls and I was like the girl. Ever since then he smiles at me weird like and asks me what kinds of panties I got on? How does he know that I have panties on?

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  • Give him your panties ask him to wear them

  • Wear panties boys should wear panties show him your panties ask if he want to see them I want to see your panties wear a school skirt pull up your skirt

  • Im a boy i wear panties you can see minejust show him your panties pull down your panties

  • It's probably just a guess

  • Give him a used panties - he wants a pair from you to sniff!

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