Sometime I sneak into the rooms of my 3 sisters and dig thru their dirty clothes and sniff their thongs and underwear. I usually play with my 8in p**** while I sniff then when i close to c****** I c** all over the panties and then put them in their clean underwear dresser for them to wear. Does anyone else do stuff like this or similar? Or is it very weird and should I stop I also steal my mom's underwear and sniff that while I'm pleasuring my self



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  • Very normal. I did it a ton. Super hot

  • Who’s did u sniff how old

  • Cool

  • I used to get in my sister's bed after she left for school and m*********. The smell of her while masturbating was amazing!

  • How she smell what off

  • Just her perfume and what I would call her natural smell. Such a turn on

  • How was she perfum to school lol

  • She was 13. Is it unsual for a girl of 13 to wear perfume?

  • No I bet you would like to smell her c***.

  • I'd like to do more than that!

  • Ok what would you like to do then.

  • Obviously, get my sister in bed and sh*g her! She's so hot! As soon as a I get an opportunity I will have s*x with her.

  • Yes give her young c*** a nice hard f*** how old is she now.

  • She is 16 now and stunning. I've started taking her out to the movies and out for meals. When walking along we now hold hands and I've kissed her on the lips a few times during hugs. I know it doesn't sound like much but it's part of my plan to get her in bed. Fingers crossed!

  • I’d love to f*** a 16 yr old there s** mad

  • I really hope I get the opportunity! My sister has an amazing body and she smells great. I have waited for her to turn 16 and now the time is right to begin seducing her. It hard to be patient but i've got to stick to the plan.

  • Love it tell more please

  • Friends daughters 6 and 3 I just got their knickers, 3yr olds taste of pee

  • You stole ur friends daughters little knickers.

  • How did u get away with stealing them from your friends house.

  • Helping renovate just him and me there, just leaving but went to pee first and passed the laundry hampers, saw all the knickers so I grabbed a pair from each girl wasn't interested in mums, wanted to take all of the little girls but of course that would be too obvious

  • I worked in a house years ago and I went into a bedroom to change a plug socket and the was a pair of little barbie knickers on the floor. For some reason I wanted to pick them up. Lol ?

  • Just tiny little ones they were would have sucked the crotch to taste her p****

  • Yes the girl was only 7.

  • Nice age the p**** tastes good and lovely and tight to finger

  • Omg I was thinking about her p**** as I was talking to her asking her to tidy her room up

  • Nice soft mouth on her too wonder if she knew what it was meant to be used for

  • Omg why am I finding this talk so h****.

  • Most men like talking about or looking at very young p**** they just will not admit it, I love how a little hairless, puffy p**** looks and LOVE their cute panties

  • Yes I popped in my sisters this morning for a cuppa my little niece was in her nighty and I found myself trying to look up it as she watched tv. How bad. Is that

  • I think bro needs to do sis a favour and take his niece for a couple of days to give her a break, I bet she could be naughty in her nighty and show uncle her little bald p**** maybe she likes to see c*** too

  • Oh no taboo is one thing but I’d only ever show to a legal sexy girl. There’s a line you just don’t cross.

  • But you want to see her kitty?

  • It’s all filthy we all wan to f*** a tight young
    C***. I was f****** my wife and think in of my niece omg I wanted he young cumt.

  • How old is she?

  • She’s 10

  • She is6

  • Lovely

  • I’d was weird talking to the women in the house about her daughters room painting it omg lol

  • Lol

  • She was talking about how messy she was leaving everything all over the place. Lol

  • Yes quite often

  • LOVE sniffing and licking a little girls knickers especially if they are just trained and have accidents so the knickers are full of pee,licking the little 3 yr old p**** would be nice too

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