Panty sniffing

I loved to sniff soiled panties. When I go to other peoples home I like to raid their dirty clothes hampers to find soiled panties to sniff. Little girl panties are the best; the fragrance is awesome.

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  • I like sniffing and licking my mom's panties by wearing her pantyhose bra slips... Momspantysniffer

  • I think silky panties with a white gusset is the best to get a hold of. Dark pee stains and skid marks is the perfect sniff spots. I sleep with them on my face. I like to wear after smell is gone.

  • I love to go to my niece's house look thru her dirty panties and m********* in them and c** in clean panties especially when she work 12 plus hrs and she does'nt change for 4-5 days

  • Nice one

  • Lucky you

  • The first dirty panties i ever sniffed were my mom's

  • I loved sniffing my mum's panties when I was a boy and wearing them and her panty hose and bras

  • When i was a young 8 year old boy i started masturbating over the years its all i wanna do is play with my d*** especially when im doing meth. i use my wifes d**** and smell my step daughters dirty panties i started smelling her pantys when she was 7 years old. i smelled every pair she took off. me and her started when she was 12 she let me fingers and eat her p**** out 6 weeks laters she let me stick my d*** in her p****. i f***** her til i c**. i still smell her pantys she is 33

  • Nice...reaallly nice

  • I have smelled alot of girls dirty pantys age 5 to 45. the fresh smell is a teenage girls then preteen girls have a strong sexy smell mmmmm the smell is heaven. but what my d*** get hard and extra h****** meth is the smell of 7 to 9 years old girls. little girl smells has a strong dirty sexy smell always get me hard. and my d*** is hard and were high on meth for 2 days now. looks like tonight my sperm is going on my belly

  • When I was 13 I babysit a little boy while his mother worked. She was a nock out blonde in her 30s. When I went to the bathroom there was clothes on the floor. One was some white satin panties I got them and put my nose on the p*** stain and smelt v***** for the first time and came hard. 30 years later and still sniff panties it turns my wife on.

  • Love smelling worn knickers

  • I love the feet and toes of them. The 11 year old next door left her socks here one day.

  • I remember my first panties i used.
    I was babysitting the kids were asleep, I needed to release some tension. So i went to the bathroom and rubbed one out.
    I grabbed what i thought was a towel
    And cam in them. When i looked down i came in some pantie. They were the girls that i was babysitting.
    I put them back in the hamper and went back to the front room.
    Later she got up and went to the bathroom, when she was finished she sat on the couch i looked over she was in a nightgown, with her legs spread i could see her panties that i cam in.
    I creamed myself. I still babysat her and every time i did i would sniff her panties and c** in them just to see if she puts them on.

  • Anyone can sniff my panties & p****

  • I would love to. give me a shout

  • Yed

  • Mmm id love to

  • I love to sniff little girl butts

  • Yes

  • Yrd

  • I love sniffing little girls panties too I like doing meth my dope dealer that sells me meth has a 11 year old daughter how much V in the panties

  • I love doing meth. it makes me play I love smelling teenage girls panties preteen girls mmmm i love the smell of 10,11,12 girls. but my number one are 6,7,8,9 year old girls the smell of their p**** gets me rock hard. my d*** dont get h****** meth unless its little girls p**** scent. the smell is sexy. then i f*** my b******* with my daughters d****. i started smelling her pantys at 7 years old and smelled them to 33 years old. now i got 8 granddaughters age 6 to 19 i smell all of them on meth

  • Meth makes me just wanna be alone i lock myself in my bedroom and all i do play nasty. i use a d**** i dress in teenage girls clothes. wear pantys smell pantys watch p***. i even have 93 pairs of dirty pantys i took from step daughters when she was growing up. she is 33 years and i still love her smell i know it by heart. and im high on meth now been playing all night with my d*** and d****. i have no pantys to smell or play. the last pantys i smelled was my 8 year granddaughters at Christmas 2016 i was high and smelled her stinky p**** smell my d*** was so hard. and right now talking about her little girl smell has my d*** hard. I love little girls p**** scent its the best p**** smell

  • Little girls p**** scent on their little panties the whole crotch from top to bottom is filled up dirty brown spots. mmmmm my hard d*** on meth is ozzing out precum. im gonna play with my d*** hoping i c** all over my belly. mmm i would love to put my nose in a 7 year old girl and inhale a deep breath. oh s*** im c******.

  • I sniff little girls panties

  • Just reading your story is making me want to blow my load. .oh s*** I'm C******. .oh f*** yes

  • I love doing meth taking the panties from a dope dealers daughter

  • Little girl panties are the best. they smell like heaven

  • Little girls panties taste the best and sniffing them is the hottest

  • Little girls dirty panties are so so tasty,just love the taste and smell from the creamy stained gusset to the small brown stain mmm

  • I always sniff my wife's best friend's panties when she comes and stay's she stay's for at least 2 or three days so I have at least 2 or three pairs. they always leave the house so I'm left with her Sweet smelling tasting dirty panties,the best thing is she just leaves them in the bathroom in side her jeans after she has a shower I go in there not long after and sniff them dam she taste so good.

  • I love sniffing my girlfriend's mother panties. They are awesome

  • I love going through the hamper of the house I'm visiting..aunty or cousins or even neighbors..find dirty panties to sniff and leave my c** behind right where the p**** sits in the panty..

  • Yeah I can remember the first time I sniffed my nieces panties she looks like an Angel with red hair she is so pretty but her panties were sooo messy

  • Awesome. If her panties are messy. You have to clean them for her. You need to lick her panties clean. Lick all of her pantie candy. Every bit. And be happy that she has been a good girl to you. I love my step doughters panties. I love too eat all of her yummy candy from her panties.

  • I love the whole daddy/daughter fantasy while I have no daughter of my are so lucky to have a step old is she?

  • My 9yo g/daughter panties always full of her creamy juices especially after gymnastics they smell and taste gorgeous make me c** like a horse

  • Hey I would love to buy a pair from you email me

  • I will pay 50 dollars for a dirty pair of your daughters panties.

  • Mmmmmmmmmm

  • I wish I could sniff them too

  • Love you to sniff my wifes dirty panties

  • Fine

  • I love sniffing my wifes dirty panties she's 41 size 12 and wears all knickers always stained and smell great would love to see another man sniffing her knickers that would blow me away

  • Wow I would love to sniff them

  • F*** that's hot would luv to sniff them while I J******* mmmmmmmm

  • Can I do that. Is your women wet?

  • Yum

  • When ever I go round someone's house I always look for their dirty panties so I can smell them. They make me so h**** I sometimes even start licking and sucking on them. I love taking them home and filling them up with c**!!

  • So turned on

  • Love you to sniff my wifes knickers and fill them with c** all over her pee stained gusset

  • May I smell your wife fresh pair she wears before she takes them off

  • Love too send them to me

  • Tween panties are the best. They often don't bathe or shower for 2 or 3 days and going through puberty they often are filled with a nice crusty discharge. their female scent is strong and intoxicating!

  • The smell of their 3 days pantys always makes me c** in 30 seconds

  • You are so right about "tween" panties. Still, VERY difficult to fin d and get at.

  • I can't believe there's so many guys out there that like tweens..I love young and to have their small hands wrapped around my hard c***..12 year old white girls are my favorite..

  • I'd rather have my face buried in a women's crotch, But yeah that is the next best thing to enjoying the female scent. A harmless pantie fetish.

  • I sniff my grannys dirty pantygirdle. She wears them for days and the back end is very ripe. She has no idea I w*** into them. I also w*** into the cups of her 48 inch longline bra while sniffing her soiled knickers.

  • I lick my older sisters dirty panties as i jerkoff with another pair around my c*** usually looking at naked pics of her over 18 daughter i fantasize im my sister and nieces b**** and they force me to lick there dirty a******* they laugh when im c****** on there panties as i worship there dirty a*******

  • I like sniffing little girls knicker, while I w***, I usually like to have two pairs, one to sniff and one pair to shoot my load into, it feels so good as I,m spunking off

  • 3 is better! My mates Gf left a shopping bag with 3 pairs one to sniff 1 to put **ck in and the other is the icing from her cake!!! its for licking and sucking as u smell her

  • I became completely obsessed with the smell of my little sisters knickers from the time I first started becoming interested in s**.There are 4 years between us and even when I was already twelve,we were still playing "tumbling on the floor" games and would often be in a situation where she would be sitting across my face.The aroma from both the back and front end of her little bottom gave me an erection straight away.She also liked the feeling of me sniffing greedily,usually with my nose stuck between her bum cheeks and as time went on we would both look forward to these ocassions.By the time I was fourteen,she would suck my raging d*** while I sniffed a pair of her glorious knickers and I would repay her by licking and sucking her clitty slit and bum hole.As a consequence to all this,now,as an adult I follow the same practice with my wife who really loves the whole "dirty panty" thing while giving me oral s**.

  • Been there,done that but there were only two years between sister always smelt fantastic and she loved watching me sniff her dirty knickers while wanking and always allowed me to s**** in her mouth or on her bum hole.I still think of those times with my little sister even now that I'm married to a dirty minded lady

  • Bin sniffin dirty nicks since I can remember.Got one sister 3 years younger and one sister 9 years older and they always smell real good.My little sis knows I like sniffin her knicks whether theyr on or off her and enjoys the h****** I get from doin it,Sunday mornins when the house was asleep she jumped into bed with me and we used to do sniffin and suckin games.

  • You're all sick in the head !!!

  • Do you m********* into them as well, or just sniff?

    It is hot, that's true.

  • I cant believe this thread is still going but Im not surprised a lot of guys are turned on by has to be a lot more common and normal than people think!Im sure most kids have early experiences like this.I did too,mainly with cousins and I remember how much they liked doing the all the things I liked including the bottom sniffing and licking and sucking my c*** and I would always take their dirty knickers with me after a weekend stay.Unlike some comments,my cousins or young girl friends werent forced into doing anything,they wanted to and enjoyed it.Some of you must get this "abuse" thing out of your minds.Im really close to my cousins now and I think I can safely say that we are all well adjusted and happy adults-we dont even talk about those days,we left those things behind us as childhood experiences.

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