Am I a lesbian?

I'm married, amazingly in love with my husband, but I keep catching myself looking at women-seeking-women posts on craigslist and once I arranged a meeting, but didn't show up. I am also more attracted to lesbian p*** thatn straight. ???

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  • I like vanilla p***. Very basic stuff. Hey, maybe even one of those rare plot line ones! Or at least a spoof of a movie. I liked The Flintbones.

    Anyways, lesbian p*** is usually shot in a different manner. Perhaps more of a feminine slant. More pillows and lighting differences.

    But back to your post. Do you think you are looking for a truly sexual relationship? Or are you looking for companionship? Do you have a so called girl-friend?

    Until you are in the sack with a woman, or at least getting sexual satisfaction from watching and masturbating to lesbian p*** I think you are still in the hetro section. Curious, but hetro.

  • Women are just nicer to look at than men, especially naked. lol... but I've realized I think the reason I like lesbian p*** is because no matter what's actually going on in the p***, I know how it feels. If that makes sense...

  • i feel better knowing that other women find lesbian p*** better than straight p***. me and 3 of my friends too. but we arent lesbos

  • It's actually very common for women to be attracted to other women, and not be lesbians. Were just sexy.

  • Schedule a threesome.. as I husban, I'd get really HOT if my wife was into this.....

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