Daughter's sleeping nylon feet

My 7 year old daughter fell asleep after a wedding we attended last weekend. I have a nylon/pantyhose fetish and convinced my wife to let our daughter wear sheer hose to the ceremony. With my wife and daughter asleep when we returned I fondled my daughters legs and feet and made a sticky mess on her nylon soles before tucking her in. The next morning my wife asked if Annie had been walking barefoot at the reception as she had a wet residue on her tights. I simply shrugged it off and said I wasn't sure. Pretty sure my wife is on to me.



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  • At 7its her p**** I want not her feet

  • Yeah me too, my grandau is 4 hers feels amazing

  • My wife in not into nylon, and thinks it sick because I want to c** on her legs while she wore thigh thighs.

    But my 18 year old daughter Helena, is into it. She discovered I like it when she was 15 and heard her mom scream at me that I was sick b****** for wanting that all the time. My wife left me that day.

    That night Helena, came into my bedroom in a long nightgown I looked at her and she said, Daddy I know what you like to do. I know about s**, I'm not a virgin either.

    She pulled off her nightgown and was naked except she had on my wife nylon thigh thighs.

    I got hard at once. Helena got on the bed and said Touch me like you want and c** on legs.

    I started kissing her and I felt her hand on my c***, I slipped a finger in her. 10 minutes later I came on her nylon wrapped legs. I went down on her to make her c**.

    Three years have passed, I'm divorced and Helena lives with me. We f*** constantly. And she loves watching and feeling me c** on nylon which she wears all the time.

    She is really in the nylon fetish, she even masturbates with a d**** wrapped in nylon. Last month she started wrapping my c*** in nylon condoms, so she could feel it as she blows me and suck my c** through nylon.

    My daughter is a freak like me and the perfect woman for me.

  • Hot.

    So turned on .

    This is my exact fetish.

    Please email me


    Would love to see those smooth young feet in hose.

  • Such a hot story. I also have a major, consuming pantyhose/nylon foot fetish...

    Especially for younger girls.

    Often fantasize about being in your scenario.

    Would love to hear more... Maybe see some pics.

    Need to hear more details.

    Email me: doctorrosenpenismd@gmail

  • Put her to bed in a night shirt and no panties. than when she falls asleep you can j*** off and c** on her p****

  • Needs your sticky mess on her lovely hairless p****

  • Too young

  • No such thing

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