24 years old

4:30 this morning I woke up to get ready for work, I wandered around following my usual routine and snuck out of the house, I headed out back to the garage where my truck was parked and put my stuff in the truck, That was when I realized I forgot my cell phone.
I headed back toward the house and that was when I noticed the light on in the downstairs bedroom, My wife's 24 year old sister is staying with us for a couple days and that is her room when she comes, She is not an early riser at all so it seemed strange that the light was on but I didn't think much about it, I went in the house and got my phone and as I snuck back out I couldn't help myself and walked over to the window.
She was laying in bed wearing her panties and tank top and holding her phone, I realized she was probably face timing her boyfriend who works over seas and is on almost the opposite time as we are so he probably just got home from work, I watched for a few seconds as she smiled and giggled and then squeezed her b**** together pointing the phone down at her cleavage.
I watched for a bit longer and she pulled her top up showing some underboob, My heart started to race when she pulled It up a bit more showing half of her areola, She has pretty big b****, Probably a bit bigger than my wife's were before having kids which sadly sucked the life out of my wife's b****, literally, She lost 2 full cup sizes and they are just empty and saggy now.
As I stood there in the dark watching her she pulled her top up and showed him her b****, Big, Firm, Round with big puffy nips which I didn't expect but she held her phone with one hand and massaged her big b**** with the other then pinched and pulled her nipples stretching them and letting them slip through her fingers making her b**** jiggle, She started using her screen to scan her body and when she got to her p**** she pulled her panties tight giving herself a camel toe.
After teasing for a minute she pulled her panties to the side, Oh my god...She has a beautiful p****, It must run in the family because she looks just like my wife down there, I was so hard watching her as she started rubbing herself holding her phone so he could see her, She put her phone on the night table and stood up, She turned her back to the window and I could see her ass, Its also amazing, Tiny, firm and accented perfectly with a nice little tramp stamp just above it.
She pulled her shirt over her head tossing it to the floor then bent at the waist as she pulled her panties to the floor, Her body is perfect, absolutely amazing, She laid on the bed and turned her body so her p**** was facing the night table, She put one foot up on the wall and slid her hand between her legs, I stood there and watched her as she started rubbing herself and then as she lifted her hips she started sliding her fingers into her p****.
It only lasted probably 10 minutes but I am sure all 3 of us came, She took her foot off the wall and lifted her ass off the bed as she hammered herself hard with her fingers and pulled on her nipples, She started shaking and then bucked her hips a couple times and me and her came at the same time.
I stood there and watched as she took a couple deep breaths then sat up and grabbed her phone, She laid back down and I watched her lay there naked for another minute or so then she pulled the covers up.
I went and got in my truck and headed to work, today is the first time I have been late for work in 5 years and I don't even feel bad about it.

Feb 25, 2017

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  • Pervert and probably a liar!

  • I spy on my sister in law as well, She is older than my wife by two years and has a bit of a fuller build, Bigger b****, Bigger ass and leaves a bit of hair on her m*** but I spy on her almost every time she visits. Victimless crime.

  • Invasion of privacy, without a doubt!

    It maybe your home, but you shouldn't have perved on your sister-in-law like that! You could've walked away quickly, but your perversion and curiosity urged you stay and continue to molest/assault her, with your eyes!

    However that said, you aren't the only one at fault. Your sister-in-law should've been more discreet and careful such as; closing the curtains/blinds to the window and ensuring the bedroom door is closed/locked, if it has a lock on
    it. There's also a possibility, she thought she was being discreet. Unbeknown to her, she had a peeping Tom brother-in-law, invading her privacy.

  • Please! He should have went in and f***** the s*** out of that b****.

  • How do you know, she would've accepted his advances?! If he was fantasising about making sexual advances towards her, that doesn't mean his sister-in-law, reciprocates those imaginary sexual escapades?

    Some individuals wouldn't do dream of doing anything, to jeopardise their relationship by cheating! Some people have morals, values, respect and loyalty!

  • Lol, so gullible. Dude you can say just about anything on here to see who gets p***** off.

  • Lol I'm not p***** off, actually. But thank you for assuming that I am.

    Expressing my disagreement of something doesn't equate to me being; p***** off. Bless you, for misinterpreting my characteristics and comment.

    You shouldn't assume anything, when you know "nothing" about me :)

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