Fantasize about my stepdaughter

I must confess I have recently become very sexually attracted to my stepdaughter. She is 13, and just this year has hit puberty and her body has begun to change. She is becoming very beautiful, developing some very nice assets and a very slim, wonderfully toned body and amazing hour-glass figure. I can't help but be turned on by her looks. She has silky-smooth white, skin. She has grown taller recently, resulting in luscious, long legs and arms, and a very sexy, flat and toned tummy. Her butt is super tight and a perfectly round shape. She ha begun to grow a nice pair of round, very perky b******. And to boot she has beautiful, long, curly hair and cutest smile. The way she dresses around the house certainly contributes to my arousal. She usually wears either a sports bra with no shirt revealing her toned tummy and waist, or a tshirt with no bra in which case her perky b****** poke right through. She also sometimes wears tight yoga pants that hug her ass and v*****, and show off their incredible shape. Seeing her like this, sometimes I can't help but be aroused and get an erection. It was even worse seeing her body in a swimsuit from time to time over the summer. She wants to wear bikinis but my wife makes her wear a one piece. But seeing her bare legs and her but cheeks in that one piece just about kills me. I was in the back room of the house masturbating once and she walked in on me. I said "oh hey there" and quickly out my away in my shorts. She went about doing whatever she came in there for but when she left I was so turned on my her seeing me I beat off again and came real quick and hard. I sometimes fantasize about coming up behind her while she's in the bathroom doing her makeup, running my hands through her hair, then over her b******, messaging them and pinching her nipples, then down along her back and around her tummy, then squeezing and massaging her tight ass, then slowly rolling doen her yoga pants, spreading her legs and slowly sliding my hard p**** into her v***** as she smiles and gazes at me making love to her in the mirror. A few times while my wife was out I have even masturbated in my room with the door open in hopes that she will walk in on me again. I have no intentions of actually making a move to have a sexual encounter with her because I know that would be very wrong, but just can't help but be turned on by her and fantasize about her sometimes. That god...

Nov 16, 2019

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  • What the h*** is wrong with you

  • Snapchat ddlgdaddy31

  • My ex partners 13yr old daughter was a little hottie. Locking up the house late one summer night checked in on her and found her lying fully naked on her side with ass poking out. Could she her little brown whole and her p****. I couldn't help myself and got my c*** out and jacked of standing beside her bed. I aimed my load at her and shot the biggest load I've ever had even to this day. Took a couple of pictures on my phone as momento .........

  • Me too msg me westhemess103103@gmail

  • Yes I had a view like that once came really had too

  • Should have f***** her

  • Girls 15 ish message subject "your little" @

  • Is 13 in feb ok?

  • Describe urself

  • Red hair, freckles, green eyes, b**** just growing, my uncle say's i am really pretty but i don't think i am really

  • You sound gorgeous do you have hair growing yet?

  • No not yet

  • Do you have boyfriend? X

  • Lol I was dating a woman with a teenager daughter hard not to notice there sexy body’s.

  • Did you do anything with her?

  • No but she had lovely t*** lol

  • Bald p****?

  • My girlfriends daughter has great t*** small but perfectly formed, soft to touch but firm and amazing nipples

  • How old is she.

  • 13 she's amazing

  • Lol bad but at that age some of them teenagers do look sexy. Little bums pert t***.

  • She enjoys it, and she's better than her mom

  • Young p**** is always best

  • Enjoys what

  • S**

  • I’d wait for her to be legal if I was you but i do think that teens duck a lot younger these days. I lost my virginity at 16

  • Are you male or female?

  • Female

  • Did you want to lose it before then? And please be honest

  • I think my dad’s mates wanted me too.

  • Well you didn't really answer my question? Did you want to lose it before?

  • No not really used to play a lot c** on my own

  • Some are ready before others and may never be ready, I like that you are very open minded.

    What advice would you give to a younger woman?

  • I don’t really know I could give advice. We’re all different

  • When we have s** she really really enjoys it, she loves oral front and back, and I always try to make her c** hard and lots

  • No thanks I’ll stick to legal age girls

  • She resting before we go again I'll need about 15/20 minutes myself.

    We could still meet up then if you not want the 3some I'm old enough not problem xx

  • Are you female

  • Omg stop

  • Her mom's going work soon and we are both super h****, Ive been letting her read the messages.

    You are cool if you want we can have a 3 some time? She likes that, she's never done that before.

    Where do you live? I will let you know when her mom has left xx

  • Her mom's left now, are you still there?

  • Better at her mum at what don’t tell me ur f***** her

  • When masturbation in your room start making enjoyable noises even calling her name out, not to loud, and close your eyes but not completely, hopefully she will wonder what's going on or think you are calling her, make sure you are rock hard first

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