To kiss sister

I am 17 year old.I have elder sister she is 21 year old.She is very beautiful. I want to kiss her on lips but she is very sober.She didn't like s** and kiss.I tried once time and go closer her but she didn't like.Now she is talking with me not much.Please tell me how can I convince her for kiss

Dec 25, 2019

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  • Show her your d***. Arrange to come out of the bathroom when she is there and be naked. Tell her you are sorry, but show that you are aroused and tell her she is the reason and would she please have pity on you and show you some love.

  • I am a 17 year old guy with a 15 year old sister who is a bedwetter! Mom and dad require her to wear cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed every night.She looks like a baby with them on and i want to have her give me oral s**[b******] while she is wearing them!

  • Ask her to teach you how to kiss a girl, might work!!

  • Sometimes you have to take your time and plan these things. Start taking her out to places and be complimentary about her. You need to be the best brother in the world! Be smart! Rather than kissing her on the lips aim for her cheeks first and then over a period of time you gradually try to kiss her towards her lips but don't rush because this is a delicate operation! This may take time because this is something that your sister may not of thought about before, so be patient. But if she's not interested you may have to accept it.

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