Taking a soul

I showed naked pictures of my gf to her parents. they confronted me about it and the mom told me that i took her soul. The Mom said i would have to live knowing that i took her soul out of her. i feel horrible, i did it to get revenge on my ex for cheating on me. I wish i could go back an not put them through that pain. i have since taken burden an all the pain and tried to deal with it mysel. I dunno when it will get better. its been years an im still in depression from doing that to the parents.

Jul 2, 2011

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  • Yes that was a horrible thing to do, just learn from your mistakes. Try and be a good man from now on.You can't beat yourself up forever. They will probably never forgive you but you could make sure you destroy all of the pictures if you still have them, and perhaps write them, and maybe her, a letter of apology telling them you have done so and that you will never do that to anyone again. You must forgive yourself. Do something nice for somebody, a charity or kindness. Don't let your past stop you from releasing the goodness in your heart.

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