Details Of My Switch Spanking 2

The man himself - my friend's uncle - had a dark complexion with jet-black hair.
He was not a giant, but he was formidable with a solid build.
As ordered, I lowered my pants and underwear and leaned up against the edge of his workbench - palms down.
He then directed me to take two steps back, which I didn't understand at first, but when I wriggled back two steps - clothes around my ankles - it lowered my head and back, causing my bare buttocks to turn-up and spread open slightly. I was completely at his mercy, humiliated and embarrassed at the thought of my friend watching all the while. Before my punishment I had a smooth, well-rounded behind, almost milk white - the kind that never saw sunlight.
When he delivered that first painful strike on my bottom it jolted me - and made my bladder spasm as well - causing me to spill my urine dirt floor of the garage. Likewise, getting the order to 'hush' after the second blow, I clenched my jaw and pursed my lips tightly in attempt to stifle my cries, causing my tears to squirt from the force of the third strike landing on my unprotected cheeks.
Those who have had the experience know the thinnest switch is the most painful.
Each additional blow from the switch seemed worse than the one before, leaving a searing burn after the initial sting, but the last two strokes hurt more than anything, landing instead on the back of my upper thighs - the pain traveled all the way down to my toes!
When I finally got home I loosened my pants and carefully pulled my underwear down. I instinctively tried to rub my sore behind, but just touching it made it hurt even more. I felt raised strips of damaged skin across my buttocks that welted-up during my beating with the willow branch.
I picked up a hand mirror to look, and saw angry red lines criss-crossing my ass that later turned black and blue, and eventually left a bit of scarring.

Dec 26, 2019

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  • I answered an ad from a Dom seeking a sub. We met for coffee. He said he only had one rule: immediate obedience. We went back to his place. He had me disrobe.
    He sat in an easy chair wearing only a black T-shirt. He had me kneel in front of his chair. I expected him to order me to suck his c***. I was shocked when he ordered me to suck his toes. Without thinking, I responded: “No!”.
    He said nothing, but he stood & left the room. When he returned he held a rattan cane. Very slim: the slimmer the cane, the harsher the sting.
    “Kneel with your head down, and your ass up. You will receive ten strokes. You will count each out loud.” Crack! One! The first took my breath away. Crack! Two! The second stroke brought tears to my eyes. By the time we get to ten, tears are streaming down my cheeks and snot is hanging from my nose. He hands me a tissue.
    Once again, he orders me to suck his toes. I comply immediately.

  • That made me h****.

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