Auntie away

Last year i was asked to check on my aunt's home to and from school for the few days she went away i pretended i didn't want to but really i couldn't wait and not worry about getting caught wanking the first day done it over a p*** magazine the second day i was reading a story about a guy who used women's underwear to j*** off and i wanted to try it and opened her underwear draw picking through all types silk,lace and stockings and used blue lace one's the third day before she came back that evening i used white silk one's with love heart's on but got carried away and c** in them and knew i needed to get rid of them and left it on the chair in the bedroom to take with me after i made sure everything was back to how she left it,that night i got home my mum said my aunt called to say thank you for keeping it tidy and could i go round before school as she's got me a little gift,the next morning im going to hers still not remembering the underwear she lets me in hugs me and we sit in the kitchen she's wearing a black dress and within a minute she said oh i found something you left pulls her hand from under the table and drops it on the table her c** stained underwear there was nothing i could say and she asked what other ones i used and i followed her stairs but every step she took i couldn't stop staring at her sexy ass and started to get a semi on,go in her room she opens her draw and starts picking each pair out and turns to me and said what about these holding pictures but i no they wasn't in there and she starts laying them out on the bed come on tell me what ones you wanked over im staring at the pics she's half naked in she sits and leans back at the top of the bed and said well i only think it's right you seen me now i should see you look on her face she wasn't joking so i get down to my boxers and she points and them so i drop them standing with a hard-on well go on then don't waste it i look at her not sure what she meant and she does the hand sign to w*** off and i start not looking at the pictures im staring at her when she said come closer and unbuttoned her dress this will help you but you have to tell me when you're about to c** im going faster she tells me to stop i ask why she said you look to dry then spits on it see isn't that better i say im going to c** she pushes her t*** together and tells me to shoot over them and starts to rub it in saying you naughty boy next time you should f*** them saves using your hand.

Dec 30, 2019

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