Using my underwear

I found a pair of my underwear on my bedroom floor thought it was odd as i already done the washing when i picked them up they we're screwed up open them and seen fresh load of c** i knew who had done it and sent him a texts telling him we need to talk,i was angry when he turned up hours later my 16 year old nephew as i trying to tell him of he looked scared and that got to me so i tried to make a joke of it you could of used my old ones and would of left it at that but he said pick out the ones i can use,he lite something in me and went and got some for him and he looked up at me holding a pair i want to wrap these around my c*** right now hearing him talking dirty was getting me wet told him i needed to do something rushed to my room and fingered myself,how do i get him to do it in front of me or even f*** me???

Jan 15, 2020

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  • I am a girl,16,and a bedwetter.I wear cloth diapers and adult size plastic pants to bed every night for it.My brother,who is 14,has on occassion,taken a pair of my plastic pants and masturbated in them then put them back in my drawer! When i would take them out to wear them at bedtime,the s**** would be dried and i would have to clean it off! I took it upon myself to solve this problem one saturday night when our parents went out for the evening.I put my diapers and plastic pants on with a tee shirt and went into bro's room and ordered him to stand up and drop his pajama bottoms,then i got on my knees and gave him a b****** and let him c** in my mouth.That was a few months ago and he hasn't masturbated in my plastic pants since!

  • What age did you start sucking?

  • 15-16 yrs are the best age to teach how to f***. They are like dog in heat and would f*** with their hot rod whenever you wanted.

  • This is what my Aunt Sarah did with me after a similar panties incident. When I was 15.

    Only wearing a robe she came to me and open it to show me your body, and told me what she want me to do. Aunt Sarah wanted me to j*** off into a pair of pair of her panties, as she sat in her bed in her open robe. When I came she took them back and sniffed them then tasted some of my c** and lift my room. I think she licked them clean in her room.

    We did this a few times, then she let me touch her as I did it. She show me what to do, i was a very willing student. Then progress to love making a week later.

    I still make love my Aunt Sarah daily, we live together. We are also crazy in love.

  • Aunt Sarah is turning me on mate, good for u

  • Will put the rest up, to long for here be called part 2

  • Start with stroking his c*** by wrapping your panties, and let him c**. Be free with him for ore ...

  • I did and alot more

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