Skinny Dipping

In the sixth form, in the 1960’s, some friends (all male) and I sneaked into the school swimming pool during a free afternoon. We had checked and it was not due to be used that day. In the absence of swimming costumes we just stripped off and skinny dipped.

We were playing around with a football and had not heard the main door from the changing rooms open. The first we realised was when the PE Mistress shouted at us. To our horror the pool was now full of a group of fellow sixth form girls and their PE teacher. Apparently their hockey lesson had been rained off so the teacher decided to take them swimming. The PE Mistress ordered us out of the water and told us to line up against one wall so we were facing the girls who were all giggling. We had to stay there for the whole lesson and were totally embarrassed.

When the lesson finished the teacher sent the girls to get changed while she got a slipper to punish us. Several whacks later we were dismissed. The final humiliation was that a large group of the girls waiting outside when we left. Girls can make very cruel comments and they certainly did.

Jan 15, 2020

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  • Before polyester and Chlorine, swimwear was nearly unheard of in most pools. Swimwear was for mixed families, oceans and females. Outside of that it was just unpatriotic and unmanly for men to wear swimwear. We believed wool harbored diseases and the fibers of any sort would jam the filter pumps so when possible swimwear was discouraged and often against the rules, for men.

    To get by, most pools were segregated by gender and time schedule. Women were always made to wear plain undyed one-piece tank suits and could also work when the men swam and often spy on the men but not the other way around. I know, because I volunteered at our High School's pool and got to observe the boys and men almost any time I wanted.

    At the time I had a love-hate with the double standard. I hated my suit as it wasn't flattering but I liked that it was slightly transparent when wet. I didn't want to be the only women seen nude but I was always wishing we women too were REQUIRED to swim nude, like the boys, and some the men spied on us the same way I spied on them.

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