You're not going to see anything boys !

I was ten when I started to sniff my mum's knickers . Mum was 41.
My brothers and I ( 8 and 5 ) had seen her strip in our shared room on holiday to her underwear before leaving the room to change her knickers.
I became fascinated.
I remember her saying
"You're not going to see anything boyd " as we.watched.
One night in her bra she pulled her knickers partway down and nearly showed us her f**** before realising where she was. I had to see her naked.

When w got home I regularly took her knickers to sniff while I wanked .
The smell of p***, perfume and sweat was so good and I got so hard
Knowing I was sniffing my mum's f**** and finding her pubic hairs in her knickers .

It was naughty but that increased the thrill. One day mum caught me kneeling on my bedroom floor with her dirty knickers round my face wanking over her. Mum just said calmly
" Next time, at least close the door " before leaving me to it.
From day mum hid her dirty knickers in different places but I always found them, sniffed them and collected her pubic hairs in my scrapbook with Sellotape.
Since then I've wanked thinking about my mum's hairy c*** that gorgeous smell and the fact that she.knows what I'm doing with her knickers.



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  • My own Mum caught me sniffing her dirty panties while wanking my hard c*** when I was growing up At first she was really shocked and we were both very embarrassed she calmly walked out of my room and we carried on as if nothing had happened. Then she came home very drunk one night and was quite loud and affectionate. She then asked me out of know where how long had I been sniffing her dirty undies. We all m********* son. My sexy panties make me feel very special and h****. Look she said and lifted her black short dress up and showed me her very sexy Dark pink fully lace boy shorts. She stood up and fell over immediately. I bet you would like to get your nose right in there wouldn't you son and she pointed right to the centre of her crotch. I was speechless. But my c*** became instantly hard. I nodded yes as if in a daze. She sat down in the armchair opposite and put her legs on either arm spreading her legs really wide making the lace pull really tight accross my own Mums p**** mound. She started to remove them and then handed them to me and told me to show her what I actually do with them. She then reached down between her legs and right in front of me slipped a finger right inside her very wet v*****. Describing how wet Mummies p**** was. I wanked off in front of her while sniffing her very wet panties and came right into her gusset. She then groaned loudly and said Mummy was coming and she creamed all over her fingers and hand. She then seemed to pass out from the alcohol. I then got on the floor in front of my own Mums p**** and dived right in licking her juices and slipping my tongue right inside he p****. She did not react, I slipped two fingers in her p**** and fingered her. She stirred and I got scared I took one last lick and then put her panties back on and pulled her skirt down.
    In the morning she was very hungover and said hope I didnt wake you when I came home I said no Mum I was sound asleep. mmmmm

  • When 10 or 12 yo, my mom used stroke my c*** to erection when giving bath. I loved it!!

  • What a good mom you had!

  • Admin pantytard loooool

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