Should I pull mum's knickers down ?

I see my mum in her underwear every day as she walks around the house in her bra and knickers.
She had nice t*** and It's
I know she is hairy as I sniff her warm dirty knickers every night.
It is so tempting to take her unawares and unexpectedly pull her knickers down to see what she is hiding in there.
Not sure how would react

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  • I wouldn't just do this. I would be smart and build up to a sexual relationship with your mum. She is clearly comfortable enough around you so the signs are good.

  • That's the problem, she's comfortable and doesn't imagine that I find her h****.
    I think shed be shocked to know that I I've seen some stray hairs that she's left in her knickers while I've been sniffing her knickers that have been around her f**** all day !!!

    I'm hard writing this and just imagining what her c*** covered in that mass of brown hairs looks like !
    Don't know what to do but I must see mum's f**** somehow.
    I got an eyeful of her cleavage today by mistake . Nice big t*** too. F*** she's hot !

  • Get your c*** nice and hard and just walk around naked. Mom will love it.

  • Perhaps you should walk around in your boxers

  • That's an interesting suggestion.
    I wear tight Y fronts .
    She would definitely notice when I get a b**** for her in her bra and knickers.
    I wonder if she'll say anything.

  • Only one way to find out!!!!

  • Tonight when mum came home from her cleaning job I was sitting in the lounge in my Y fronts.
    Mum said " How come you're not dressed ? don't normally sit around like that"
    I replied " It's what you do mum and I thought it must be more comfortable.
    What's up mum ? Is that a problem ?".
    Mum replied " No , just thought it unusual, that's all".
    Mum took trousers and blouse off as usual before cooking dinner in her underwear.
    I sat and watched her every move as usual.
    Mum's knickers had crept up her bum crack during the day and I could see a lot of her cuddly white bum cheeks.
    That got me hard and again I thought of pulling mum's knickers down to look at her bum and between her legs.
    I want to see my mum's hairy c*** and f*** her so badly !
    I stood up and went to my room after dinner to w*** thinking about her.
    I did notice mum glancing a couple of times at my Y fronts , I don't know if she noticed the h****** that she had caused but she just said " Goodnight".
    I went to bed and wanked over my mum again. Once day I will see her c*** I promise myself and stop stealing her knickers. !!!

  • Lay on your bed, naked, and stroke your c*** with the door open so that mum can catch you. When she catches you, just keep stroking, look her in the eye, and say "oh mommy".

  • Time to try getting naked perhaps??

  • Perhaps "accidentally ."
    Not sure how that will assist my goal though. Perhaps the" Y" front effect will work eventually.
    I need to persevere I think.

  • I think you need to be brave and get naked. She had been walking around in her bra and panties for a reason which is that she wants you

  • No. She's been dressing like that for as long as I can remember. To be comfortable probably. I must beg patient and do this properly. I'll get there in the end. Hopefully before I wear my wrist out!

  • Book a hotel get away with romantic meal and all the trimmings preferably with spa facility, tell her you won it on-line but didn't think they would pay up, but they did.
    Tell her it's seperate beds but really book a double, make sure that when you are getting ready you can walk around naked due to close confines.

    Once you two get drinking get her sloshed, tell her you fancy a girl who's gorgeous and describe her and her traits, when it comes to night time she might stay in her bra and panties, but you don't have, let the night unfold.

    I believe from this you will both be f*cking, enjoy!

  • Ok, try giving her compliments about her body and be flirtatious. Also , why don't you buy her some sexy underwear? I know you don't want to over step the mark but she needs to know what your intentions are.

  • I have a plan.
    I need to make it my mum's desire that I f*** her and her idea not mine.
    I plan to let her see me in my Y fronts with a h****** as often as possible while she is in her bra and knickers.
    This should get her thinking about my k*** and wanting to see it.

    Then I'll let her catch me sniffing her dirty knickers and when she asks me why I'll apologise but say I do because I know its wrong buy I can't help it as I love sniffing her f****.
    She'll now know I want to f*** her.
    One day soon after I'll Open some wine with dinner.
    Mum will be drunk enough after two glasses and after some conversation will hopefully undress and let me f*** her hairy f****.
    That 's the plan.

  • Masturbates and let her hear you call out her names as well

  • I could. I frequently mutter " Mum I want to f*** you " as I sniff her dirty knickers and w*** thinking about her.
    Anyway, it's. 6.30 in the morning now and time to put mum's knickers back in her bedroom before she wakes up.

    God, that pair had a very strong aroma of her f****. I've been wanting all night and suckimg my mum's pubes.
    I'll. Probably have one last tug as I stand in her bedroom in the dark.
    The room always smells of her.
    I can't describe it but it makes me want to her pull back the sheets, lift her nightie and see her hairy c*** as she sleeps

  • Tonight's the night I hope .
    I've got some wine 🍷 to serve after dinner.
    Mum gets tipsy and sleeps like a baby after a few glasses so half a bottle should do it.
    While she's sleeping I plan to lift her duvet and nightdress and take a look at my mums f**** . Mum won't even know. It's mid morning morning now, mums out and I'm sniffing a pair of her dirty knickers with some stains and a few pubes.
    I'm going to see her hairy c*** tonight !!!!

  • Success !!! The wine worked.
    I knocked gently on my mum's door an hour after she had finished the wine and gone to bed. No answer.
    I went in and whispered in her ear s few times. She was in a sound sleep and had left the table lamp on.

    I pulled the duvet back and she was laying on her back on one bum cheek with her knees bent in her short loose nightdress.
    I could see her full length.
    I carefully lifted her nightdress and there it was ! My mum's hairy brown f**** ! Result !
    I've seen my mum's hairy c*** at last !
    It has thick bushy curly long brown uncut hairs that fill her knickers to the edges, only trimmed at the edges to keep them in her knickers. Darker hairs nearer her crack.
    I could just make out her f**** crack through her thick mass of pubes.
    I stood there with her dirty knickers that she'd been wearing today to my nose and wanked imagining f****** her.
    I've got to f*** my mum now that I've seen her hairy c***

    She's only mid forties
    Next is to plan how see her t*** to then to f*** her
    I'll get there.

  • How is it going I'm rooting for you mate 👍

  • I've done it , scroll up this page, I"ve replied to the wrong reply today.
    I can't concentrate.
    I've seen my mums hairy c*** tonight and so want to f*** her now - And I will !!!.
    Read my reply.
    Can't wait to slide my k*** up my mums hairy c*** and just f*** her so hard.
    Watch this space. !!!

  • "guy who's rooting for you"
    I'm so proud of you well done!
    Your doing fantastic, any help I can give I will, I want this to happen for you I really please keep us updated as often as possible and good luck mate

  • Thanks mate. I'm starting think I'm a bit odd, I notice only you have commented on my updates.
    I'm coming just over 20 and mum is mid forties. I just love hairy c**** and mum has one. Why do people think it odd that intend to f*** my mum's hairy c*** ?
    Now I've seen it I'm on a mission to f*** her.
    Mum will enjoy it too as she's not been f***** for ages .
    I'm going to f*** her good.
    I can't thinking about last night and how hairy my mum's c*** is now that I' ve seen it.
    I can't get hard for bald girls, paedophiles do that !
    Back to mums dirty knickers for now !

  • Hey. Keep up the good work and you’ll succeed. I haven t replied before. Just been jerking off and hoping you get the reward of mommies body.

  • Well done mate, I hope everything is going well, and I'm here to support you there is nothing wrong with you, I truly believe your mum wants this too.
    Are you there now?

  • I' Thanks for your support.
    How old are you mate ?
    Have you done similar ?

  • Yes I'm in my 40's and I wanted to be with my mother in law as soon as I met her, I knew I had to get as close as possible with her daughter, my ex wife now.
    I was with her daughter for 5 years and I've been with my now wife, the mother in law for 15 she is in her 60's the older she gets the hotter she gets

  • I've not replied recently as I've been busy !
    I finally got there !
    After a lot more wine evening mum said
    " You want to f*** me Steve don't you !! "
    I said " I have thought about it a few times "
    before admitting how I'd sneakily lifted her nightie to see her hairy f**** as she slept and wanked looking at it and fantasising about f****** her while sniffing her knickers.
    Mum took me to her bedroom and let me f*** her gorgeous hairy c*** for real .
    We done it several times since.
    I knew I'd get there and I love it !!!
    Mum's gorgeous hairy c*** and her wonderful t*** !
    I'm so tired lately but I love it !

  • Family s** is the best! Congratulations

  • Well done to you both, this is fantastic news! It would be great to hear more from you on your now awesome relationship' especially from your mum's point of view, is she there to speak to as well?

  • I'm not sure our relationship has changed as mum and I have always been close.
    Now I'm giving mum what she's not had for a long time and I'm learning something everytime I f*** her.
    There 's no kissing, that would seem weird.
    Mum just gives me that look every time,leads me to the bedroom and undresses while I watch.
    Then she'll lay on her back and open her legs.
    I'll look her up and down, study her t*** and where her f**** meets her bum cheeks .
    Then I have been feeling her hairy triangle and her slit to get me really hard before climbing on my mum inhaling her sweet aroma and f****** her until I come.
    My favourite ending is to pullout of mums hairy f**** and c** all-over her thick brown mass of curly pubes.
    I'm all excited now writing this and I'm hoping to f*** mum when she gets in from work tonight.
    Off now find some of mum's dirty knickers while I wait for mum .....

  • I've some people don't like kissing their family members during s**. I sleep with my sister and we kiss passionately.

  • Is your sister hairy ? How old ?

  • Not very she is 12 she does have some hair

  • Too young Ugh !

  • Far too young

  • Not at all don't judge me!

  • I can't agree .Bye

  • I Can't agree on this. Good bye.

  • I loved sticking my tongue in my sisters throat as I was f****** her, I was 13 she was 8 when I did her the first time, I had been molesting her for a long time though

  • * heard

  • Steve 's mum here, just thought I should say something after he asked me to.
    I'm so pleased my son finds me attractive enough to want to see me naked and have s** with me.
    My husband died a few years ago and I've not had s** since.
    I'm still getting used to the idea of my son seeing bits that I have kept hidden from for years.
    Steve seems fascinated by my hairy f**** that is thick ,natural and bushy as my mum's was and how I think it should be.
    I only ever trim the edges so that my hairs don't show if I'm my knickers or wearing a bikini.
    He likes running his hand through my curly pubic hairs and sniffing them .
    Steve says he's. Been sniffing my dirty. Knickers for years and collecting my pubic hairs from them. I do find that a turn on.

    When me make love and he rams me good and hard I do say things I've never said before like
    " go on Steve f*** my hairy f**** son" and that makes him go harder and faster.
    He likes to pull out and finish all over my bush then bury his face in my bush.
    Messy but we both enjoy it.
    This seems naughty and may be wrong but it's our little secret .
    My son f**** his mummy's f**** and enjoys it ;
    There! I've said it.

  • I'm very proud of you both! You clearly are embarking on something very special.
    I must admit I got very hard hearing you talk about what you and your son get up to, I would love to talk more especially when are both want s** with each other, do you think this is something we can arrange?

  • I'm here now if you are there?

  • Yes we are here and about to make love I think..Is in the bathroom presently.
    What is interest and why ?
    Who are ?
    I only guess that my son's description of me excites you and you would like to "do" me too. Am I right and what is the attraction ? What do you imagine I to me and why ?
    It might excite my son and make him really do me hard knowing that another man fancies me.
    I'm 5ft1, brunette, unshaven natural and 34B
    He's coming now.. Speak later.


  • Yes I definetly am extremely attracted to you! And yes I would like to do you! I'm in my early 40s in dark hair and muscular, I've got a 8inch c*** and would love to talk more

  • Mmm. I'll talk to as my son thinks it might be interesting and benefit us.
    What is the attraction with me and why ?
    What would you do to me if I let you ?
    I don't know why I'm asking ,it seems so naughty now that Steve is giving me see a regular seeing to and enjoying it.
    He has a big thick c*** too !
    I gave him a hand job this morning while he had his down my knickers feeling my pubic hairs and exploring my f****.
    May be I'll suck him tonight !

    I've Not done that yet , he only seems interested in my hairy f**** and my b****** . He"ll be in soon for his tea .

  • Yes you description, everything about you really! Yes I would definitely do you! I like to do everything with you I like that you like this it would be great if Steve wanted to watch or something, would he like to watch his mother get pounded as well? I have so much to talk to you about

  • If you want more discription willing to talk more? What kind of things do you like have done to you? Because I'm quite kinky and don't want to shock you?

  • No. He wouldn't want to watch.
    Thanks for being honest too.
    I only like s** one way, the only way that is normal to me .
    I'm not sure we can converse further.

  • I'm sure we can i hope I've not offended either of you? I was helping for this relationship to bloom, I would like to hear back from you

  • I'll carry on updating but mum's not used to being so public.
    As you know I'm just proud to have achieved my aim and to actually be f****** my mum's wonderful hairy f**** !
    I can't enough of that gorgeous bush !
    I've waited twenty years for this and now I
    I love more than anything grabbing both my mum's t***, taking in her sweet aroma while f****** that hairy c*** while she talks dirty to me .
    Often I'll Have her fresh warm dirty knickers on my face as I f*** her to sniff her f**** scent.
    I'm hard thinking about hopefully f****** her again tonight !
    Here's hoping !

  • I appreciate you getting back, I know your mum's not used to being so public but I would really like and appreciate speaking with her some more?

  • I think you are being very selfish! I helped you encouraged and supported you, yet here you are ignoring me!
    It's quite clear your mum was excited in talking with me, allow you more to talk with me I want us all to be happy?

  • Ok. I've discussed the situation with mum
    For now we'd both like to know why you find her attractive and what you'd like to do to her .
    Is it her figure, 34B t*** ?
    Or the forest of pubes between her legs perhaps ? That's what I love.
    Tell us about your lady's and maybe we Agree on some points.
    Is your lady bushy too ?
    Describe her .

  • Thank you! Her hairy f**** sound beautiful and yes those fantastic 34b t*ts and I live older women! I want to pleasure your mum, I want her to be happy, I want her to feel extercy.

    I like women with hairy f****'s very hairy nothing a to c is perfect, I've been in relationships with older and they just enjoy and make me enjoy are pleasure together.
    Ask more if you wish and please could I speak with your lovely mother?

  • How old are you ? Same as me (20) or different ?
    What would you say to my mum ?
    I assume you'd like to f*** her too ?
    Have you seen your mum's f**** too ?
    Hair colour upstairs and downstairs ?
    Nice t*** ?
    Describe her,.what you've seen and want you've done.
    Then I'll ask mum if she'll tall to you

  • I'm 40, I would talk about what turns her on and how I can help, YES! I want to f*ck your mum yes, most definetly!
    No I only seen my mum naked as a child she had massive t*** and a trimmed f****, I wasn't attracted to her in the slightest! Dark up and down.
    I really want this to happen I'm just enchanted by your mum and want her and you to be happy and I believe I can be a part of that?

  • Bye

  • Why? If you are saying bye could I ar least get an exploration?

  • I've realised you're a paedophile.
    8 years and 12 years is sick.

  • If there is grass on the pitch then play ball!!

  • No I f*cking ain't, I like women to be women! Don't you dare call me that, you little f*ck! How about we meet up? And I snap your little f*cking neck come on then you little tw*t? This you won't answer back I know!!

  • Nothing yo say pervert.

  • Come then you little f*ck get back too me and see just how f****** hard you really are!!!!!

  • Mum ! This big tough man is being nasty to me on the website. I think I'm going to cry !
    F*** off and die paedo !!!

  • Are you able respond to my mum ?
    I think there may be a site issue currently.

  • Complete BS!

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