Should I pull mum's knickers down ?

I see my mum in her underwear every day as she walks around the house in her bra and knickers.
She had nice t*** and It's
I know she is hairy as I sniff her warm dirty knickers every night.
It is so tempting to take her unawares and unexpectedly pull her knickers down to see what she is hiding in there.
Not sure how would react

Dec 20, 2019

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  • I wouldn't just do this. I would be smart and build up to a sexual relationship with your mum. She is clearly comfortable enough around you so the signs are good.

  • That's the problem, she's comfortable and doesn't imagine that I find her h****.
    I think shed be shocked to know that I I've seen some stray hairs that she's left in her knickers while I've been sniffing her knickers that have been around her f**** all day !!!

    I'm hard writing this and just imagining what her c*** covered in that mass of brown hairs looks like !
    Don't know what to do but I must see mum's f**** somehow.
    I got an eyeful of her cleavage today by mistake . Nice big t*** too. F*** she's hot !

  • Get your c*** nice and hard and just walk around naked. Mom will love it.

  • Perhaps you should walk around in your boxers

  • That's an interesting suggestion.
    I wear tight Y fronts .
    She would definitely notice when I get a b**** for her in her bra and knickers.
    I wonder if she'll say anything.

  • Only one way to find out!!!!

  • Tonight when mum came home from her cleaning job I was sitting in the lounge in my Y fronts.
    Mum said " How come you're not dressed ? don't normally sit around like that"
    I replied " It's what you do mum and I thought it must be more comfortable.
    What's up mum ? Is that a problem ?".
    Mum replied " No , just thought it unusual, that's all".
    Mum took trousers and blouse off as usual before cooking dinner in her underwear.
    I sat and watched her every move as usual.
    Mum's knickers had crept up her bum crack during the day and I could see a lot of her cuddly white bum cheeks.
    That got me hard and again I thought of pulling mum's knickers down to look at her bum and between her legs.
    I want to see my mum's hairy c*** and f*** her so badly !
    I stood up and went to my room after dinner to w*** thinking about her.
    I did notice mum glancing a couple of times at my Y fronts , I don't know if she noticed the h****** that she had caused but she just said " Goodnight".
    I went to bed and wanked over my mum again. Once day I will see her c*** I promise myself and stop stealing her knickers. !!!

  • Lay on your bed, naked, and stroke your c*** with the door open so that mum can catch you. When she catches you, just keep stroking, look her in the eye, and say "oh mommy".

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