people, you have to understand...

People: with regard to rape and incest, many of you have to understand that different cultures around the world view these things differently. It's not right or wrong, it's just different. Take my home-country, for example. I am from Mexico. Incest has occurred many times in my family. For about 2 years, I was having s** with my aunt. But,in Mexico, consensual s** between family members is not a crime, no matter what the age of either party. It is actually quite common, in my home-country, for teen-age daughters to be impregnated by their fathers or for nephews to have s** with aunts. Many girls I know in Mexico have at least one child by their dad (abortion is illegal in Mexico, so that is never an option). In the event that the s** is not consensual and it is rape, the crime is considered "a crime against the family" and both parties, now matter what their age, would be equally punished by the law. And, in Mexico, a female's family is her best defense. In Mexico, women are quite commonly kidnapped and raped and/or sold into prostitution by drug cartels or other criminal gangs. Or females are arrested by police for some false charge and thrown in jail(in Mexico, the police can hold you in jail for up to a year without charging you) and, while they are in there, they are raped by police and other prisoners and/or forced to prostitute. So, compared to all those other things that can happen to a female in Mexican society (and in many other Latin-American societies, also), is a little father-daughter incest that bad?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • #4, have you ever heard of anyone in Mexico being arrested for consensual incest in Mexico? My uncle is a police officer in Mexico and he knows what the laws are. Do you? When were you last in Mexico and for how long?

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  • Are you serious, Im from Mexico and I have never heard of it being ok for a parent to sleep with thier children, U R an Idiot.

  • wow, I'm never going to Mexico. f*** that. I've always hated anything spanish.

  • yes it is still very wrong.

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