My daughter got a cream pie

My wife got home early and walked in on me f****** our teen daughter . We had been f****** for years and love it. My wife was made as h*** . She riped the condum off me and told me to finish . I shoved my d*** in our daughter . She felt so good rall . She started crying don't c** in her . My wife said give it to the s*** . Thin my wife plued her hear hard and grab her left b*** and crushed it in her hand . My daughter cried out in pane . Her pussey got so tight from it . I couldn't take it and came deep in her . She cried for a while from it . My wife made us f*** again before bed . Thin my wife made me sleep in bed with our daughter . My daughter wouldn't talk to me the Nex day . But we r back to f****** again and she is pregnant now

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  • Made up piece of junk story by some illiterate slob thats never had a woman in his life.

  • Learn to spell.

  • Need to f*** her before she had b****

  • If I had been her your ass would be in prison now. A******.

  • Up yours

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