My daughter and her friend is pregnant

Me and my daughter have bin having s** sens she wad 8 she has always love it she has been on berth control sense she was 10 she just had a birthday she 14 and she asked me to do her and her 15 year old friend her friends sead she was on the pill to so we got drunk and did thim both i cam in her frind first time later that night i cam in my daughter like all was we sleep in my daughter bed that night the next day i woke up to her friend riding me and my daughter rubing her and liking us i c** in her again and thin we got breakfast and i did my daughter on the kitchen table and her friend ate my ass as i c** in my daughter again a fue weeks lader i doing my daughter friend again and my daughter tell me that she's pregnant i asked her how and she sead she stop taking her pill a month ago at that point i coud feel my c** rushing in to my daughter frind as she continues moving her hips she leans in and kisses me and told me it was my daughter ideas and she had never been on the pill so i got her a test she was pregnant to . To days later she show up on my door crying i asked her wat was rong she sead she told her parents and they kicked her out so i told her to move in she moved in about a month ago we all 3 sleep in the same bed now we have a lot of s** now and we can wate until they give birth i talked to the dad of the girls i got pregnant he sead she will never be let to come home sens i was talking care of her he would get the paperwork for me to be her parent my real daughter is so much better in bed thin her friend but her friend not bad eather but my daughter has alot more experience her friends first time was about 6 month before i got her pregnant she took her first time pretty good my daughter had her louse her Virginia on her 15 birthday so i wint ezey on her her next thin she got pregnant


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  • Ah, yes, I remember the first time I lost Virginia. Glad there is still a West Virginia left.

  • She is 14 now but she was a nicer f*** at 8

  • Learn to spell. I hope you don’t talk like this, you would sound like a moron.

  • Then you woke up from this dream

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