Daddy slutty back door girl

I'm 23 year woman and I have been my father's slutty back door girl since I was 10. I love a*** s** better than regular s** and oral. Both get me off but not like a***.

My mom was never liked motherhood and took off when I was 4 one day. At age 7 we found out she died of an OD.

After she left Daddy and I became super close and soon we started to play. Even at 5 l love the feeling from being sexual. Finally, on my 10th birthday, his c*** entered my body the first time, in my ass. He used a lot of lubes, but it hurt a lot, then 5 minutes in it felt good. He fingered me as he did it and I had a small orgasam, my first.

To this day we live together and have a lot of a*** at least twice a day. We never use protection and it is a way for me to get his c** in me without getting pregnant. We have regular s** and he c*** in me about 2 times a week. But we both prefer a*** s**.

The feeling of Daddy's 8 inches in my ass is incredible. It fit my ass perfectly! And I c** so hard from it that it hurts some time.


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  • If you are happy, good for you and your dad.

  • 5 and loved being sexual wish I knew you

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