Young gay in love them betrayed

I'm 18 now. When I was 13, I was in love with my friends father James. I think he sensed my gayness. He would constantly touch me when I went to the house. And when my friend had pool parties, James always found a way to be naked at the same time as me.

One day I went over to swim but forgot my friend was going with his mother to his cousin for the weekend. Jamed had just gotten out of the shower and was in his robe, invited me in and said it was OK to use the pool. He said change in his room and I was naked when he came in. He took off his robe and was naked and his c*** was hard.

I was scared, he looked at me and said, "This has been a long time coming, I'm making love to you now." James picked me up and placed me on the bed and kissed me, I kissed back and started to cry. I said, "I love you but I'm a virgin, I don't know what to do." He replied " I'll teach you". I second later his mouth was on my small c*** sucking. It felt so good. Then he swung his body around his c*** touched my lips and I let it enter my mouth and sucked like him. We did it for 5 minutes and then I really came for the first time, he swallowed. I kept sucking, he said he going to c**, if you really love me you'll swallow my c**. He came so much I gagged but swallowed.

James kissed me and said I was a natural and having a c*** in me was what I was made for. We kissed and touched each other and soon his fingers exploded my ass with lube. And hour later, my virginity was gone my ass filled with his c**.

For 2 years we met several times a week, I cut school constantly to be with him and receive a***, he trained my body and came from a***. I was 15 and was so in love James and sexually satisfied. I loved being his little gay f*** toy, but I was failing school. My parents were very angry with me. Then my world fell apart, James was arrested for having a*** s** with his 13 year old nephew, they had started when boy was 7.

I felt so betrayed, but said nothing about s** with James, I loved he so much. Being with an other man gave me incredible pleasure and heartbreak.

Since then I dropped out of school, I have random a*** s** many times each day with old men i meet and pick up. Most is in a nearby public park in a wooded area on a blanket I bring with me. I need a*** pleasure but am dead inside, I want James in me again.

May 15, 2020

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  • No duh! When I was a lot younger older boy's were really nice to me just so I'd let um do stuff with me. Lots of boy's I know say it's the same thing with them just because they're kinda cute like.

  • 13 is nice but 7 is so much nicer

  • I was like the nicest boy when I was 9, at least that's what I was told. I was still playing hard to get at 7.

  • Hi I was 15 teen when my brother came home one night we share a double bed I was in bed he got in put arm round me ask if I was ok said yes do you some fun I said what do you mean he said turn your back to me suck I did I'll my pant down play with my c*** it got hard and I love it next thing he put his c*** to my bun hole and put it into me it hurt ask him to stop said no you will like it he was right I did ten minutes later he shoot his c** into me ask if I like to bum him said yes only took me two minutes and I fill his bum up them most night we would f*** each other till one night he got me to suck it for him and I can tell you love sucking him off because I knew I was going to f*** him bareback after .

  • I was eleven and in middle school when my best friend's college age brother exploded in my tight virgin ass. The shooting pain of the penetration was soothed by the thick hot volume of c** swelling inside of me. I was whimpering the whole time he f***** me and two cumloads later he slowly slipped out. I pulled the back of my little boy's novelty spongebob underpants up and wormed out from beneath him after he nodded off. He had been drinking beer and I got my first taste of beer off his breath as he pushed his tongue in my mouth. Sure I had a b**** from all of his touching and kissing but it wasn't a free f*** me card.
    I was staying over and as usual the two of us were in just our underpants and had come to the conclusion that my spongebob boypanties were way cooler than his superman ones. My friend was asleep when his big brother Wil came home tanked up with a pizza.

  • Disgusting q**** c***. All you pathetic faggots are God's mistakes.
    You are not right in the head and should all be removed from this planet by perhaps lethal injection.
    You lot make me sick.
    F****** gay rights bullshit !
    The meaning of the word gay is happy or jolly, how can you be happy with another blokes todger stretching your a*** until it hurts and bleeds ? Ugh !!!
    Your a*** is for s******* ONLY.
    Go kill yourself you weirdo.

  • If your fúcking god is so much perfect and everyone should listen to his bullshít then why does he make mistakes? Hmm bítch if your going to come and curse a whole community get your fúcking facts straight because if your realy hate lgbt members because of the Bible something is wrong with you, you sick fúck. First of all if you have a proble with shít skip it because nobody need your retarted asś comment. People are already ready with too much shít to read what your irrelevant asś just commented. And second of all it's not your life and not your body. People can do whatever the fúck they want

    YOU fúcking disgust me with how small your mind is you little bítch.

    And don't fúcking say fággot. It's demeaning. It's just like if you say nígga.

    You can go sit you prejustice, religious asś down.

  • I don’t know why, based on your hateful views, you chose to spend your time visiting an LGBT space designed specifically for confidentiality and immunity from hurtful opinions, but the action of seeking out such a space with the explicit purpose of reinforcing the unintelligent, incoherent, and hateful anti-q**** stereotype (a main reason why this anonymous platform exists in the first place) either serves as a desperate attempt to convince yourself of your own position, or, more likely, depicts a disillusioned relic’s dying voice beneath the surge of an inevitably healthy and progressive society. If you are indeed a “man”, then I, as a male member of the teenage LGBT community, am ashamed to share my gender with such an agglomeration of disguised self-pity and cowardly venom.

  • Uh oh the basement virgin is crying about the gays again

  • Wtf does that even mean?

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