Stepdad daughter

I am a mom of a 13 yr old daughter who looks 18. My husband has been in our lives for 6 years. He is her father and we love her so much that I (him too) that we both want her dad to eat her out. It's out of love he wants to see her smile and c** better than any boy ever could and I want that. I think she wants it she ask him to wash her hair has him rub her back in her panties. I don't know how to bring it up in case I'm wrong cause he would never touch her w\o her asking. Any suggestions

Feb 1, 2020

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  • In similar circumstances my step daughter took the initiative by pretending she was constipated. Funny I know but when she was small she did suffer from constipation which ended up with both of us having to give her suppositories. This was traumatic for her at first but I soon found that massaging her v**** and chest made her relax so they could be inserted easily. When she was 13 out of the blue she said she was constipated and need some more of 'those things'. Needless to say I administered them for her and she now has them regularly. Mom helps by telling her she uses them herself to keep her weight down.

  • Your s*** pig daughter needs a*** fisting

  • Leave soon p*** for her to find and see how she reacts to it

  • A lot of low-life scumbags that post on here

  • But we get young p**** though

  • Y i k e s

  • None of this is true. I bet no one on here honestly does incest. So why does ppl get on here and lie about stuff.

  • I've f***** my 1st cousin multiple times

  • Same

  • People just like posting about their sexual fantasies and pretending that they're actually living it.

  • Have him talk to her while rubbing her back or just when they're together and have him tell her how she's growing up and talk about how she has been or should start to m*********. He can explain how much fun it is to explore her body and learn what she likes and doesn't like. And he can buy her a small vibrator and give it to her and offer to show her how to use it. Just start explaining how it works and how to keep it clean etc. Than just tell her to lay down on her back and show her how to use it. Tell her she can use lube but since you don't have any just lick her c*** until she is wet enough to slide the vibrator around her c*** and if you get a small one you can even slide it inside her little p****. If she seems to be enjoying letting you lick her c*** than just stick with that for a while and save the vibe for last. That is what I did with my step daughter when she was about that age. And if she is not into it than at least you know she has a vibrator she will be having amazing o****** because of you.

  • Really beautiful they taste so good at that age

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