Stepdaughters dirty knickers

I've been stealing my stepdaughters dirty knickers since she was 13. She came to stay with me for a while and I noticed she didn't shower or change her clothes very often. I had a talk with her that her mum obviously didn't. I told her she's not a little girl anymore and she needs to shower everyday and change her undies, or she'll smell. I got her 20 pairs of Bonds boylegs and told her to put her dirty clothes in the machine and I'll wash and dry them for her. I never intended to be a deviant, but I saw 2 pairs in the machine and took them out. One pair was orange and had a dried yellow crust on them the other black had menstrual blood on them. I sniffed them and wanked over them and kept them a snap lock bag. One day I just couldn't resist and chewed the yellow crust off them. I also smelt her cute little girl bra and her sweat and body spray. Next time when she was 17, I command's around her bedroom floor and got a lacy purple French panties. She was now sexually active and wore sexy undies. I ended up stealing 5 pairs, mostly thongs and sucked them clean. She had a bin in her room for her worn knickers and there were heaps. I didn't want her noticing any going missing, so picked out a blue and green thong and took it down the road to a public toilet. The gusset was obviously full of male c**, so I didn't lick them but wanked over them and took them back. I've done this with another friends 18yo again comandoing around her floor and taking 5 pairs again. My problem is, I like this better than s**, which I get plenty of. Atm I have no stolen undies and I don't know how to get more. I'm sure I will though. I hope this is not too abnormal but feel it might be. Oh well, happy sniffing and licking fellow dirty knicker lovers. Gussetlover.

Feb 16, 2020

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  • I am actually sniffing a pair of my step daughters dirty panties as we speak.
    They are bright green lace boyshorts. Her dirty gusset is really crispy and crusty with her dried p**** juice. I am addicted to sniffing and licking her dirty panties. I have been sniffing her dirty panties from the very first date I had with her Mum. I used the bathroom and bingo there was a dirty laundry hamper. It was full up hers and her Mums dirty clothes. There was 10 pairs of dirty panties in two sizes so I knew which ones were hers and which ones were her Mums.
    They both smelled really nice. Her little cunny was really tangy and slightly sweaty where as her Mums dirty panties smelled really musky.
    I still sniff both their dirty panties every day. But I really get off when I get my hands on and nose into a really fresh damp or sticky girl gusset that I love to suck and lick on her sticky cream and can actually taste how her virginal p**** tastes. I would love to lick her out for real. But I am happy just to sniff and lick her dirty panties while wanking off until I shoot my hot s**** right into her little cotton gusset. MMMM I am gonna c** real soon. Happy sniffing panty pervs.

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