Coercive control

I had her wear her white A line mini skirt and shiny white undies. The skirt just covers them. Shows off her legs so nicely. I also like how she's very self conscious.

As we walked I told her to walk in front of me. So nice to see. Told her to stop and I took some photos and directed various poses.

We reached the edge at the top of the cliff where there's a fence about waist high. Stepped back and took a photo then told her to lean forward. She stood straight and said leaning would show her undies and I said that's the idea. Eventually she did learn and the skirt rose and showed her undies. Lovely photo.

Arrived at the cafe and we got a table looking at the view. I set the camera to red eye flash. I told her I was doing this and when it starts to flash she has to open her legs so I can see her undies. Under her breath she whispered she's not doing it. I insisted. Took a few goes. I sat with her and we looked at the photos. She was scowling in the photo where she spread her legs so I made her do it again with a smile.

22 days

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  • F*** off with this stupid story title already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Your stories suck.

  • Every f****** batch of stories has your stupid headline. Go away already!

  • That's not nice.

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