Black mailing my little sister

One day I could her funny sounds coming from my 12 y sister room . I peeked in to see my sister on her bed and our family dog was f****** the s*** out of her . So I opened the door far enough to record it with my phone . The dog finished quickly I could tell she was not don . So I went in her room . She asked what I wonted . I said get in the shower and wash that thing out and leave the door unlocked I will be in to youse it . She replied with what r u talking about . I should her the video . And told her if she doesn't want mom and dad to see she will have to work every day . She got up and got in the shower . After a couple minutes I came in and got in with her . I lift her up and ramed my d*** in her hard as I held her agents the wall I could feel her tens up and start crying as I continue f****** her I could see the water running off us turning red . The dog hadn't poped her Chery after a couple minutes she seemed to be getting in to it she got off 2 time before I nutted deep inside her . She asked me to get rid of the video . I told her no is good for more fun thin that . So I f***** her every day for a month thin I started bring my friends to f*** her . After a bit she started wonting more .so one night I dressed her up like a s*** and walked down to the local bar and start letting drunk f*** her . That can't leave with her but I will let thim get ruff with her . She loves it now


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  • Hey I told you to get the f*u*c*k out of you moms basement and take her panties off

  • U first

  • Stand on the tracks and wait

  • If u don't like his story how about u wright something or maybe u don't have any because your mom won't let u go out

  • Ok what would you like me to post? First lets get the rules right. First I hate Pedo's and want them getting the death penalty.
    Second I have no interest in having s e x with my family I love them but not that way.
    Third I don't want to get kicked in the b a l l s thats painful and I'm not into pain.
    Fourth I don't wear panties and do not want to be a$$ focked by anything or a man. That is an exit only if you get my drift.
    And finally I do not like p e e or p o o p and wearing diapers and being sissy.
    So having said that what would like me to post having regular s e x with my wife?

  • Tell the one where u got a life

  • I have a great life married over 30 years. I have a house not a mansion but have one acre of land. Four cars three trucks. A boat , snowmobiles I like diving and best of all a plane that I fly. I found this place because of the virus so don't worry when I can get out I will stop coming here often. But you keep posting these nasty posts and when I see them I will reply.

  • Tell the story about how your daddy f***** u in the ass to help u sleep

  • No father never did that. Did your's ?

  • Hey Didn't I tell you to take your moms panties off and get out of the basement? We all know you

  • Such a bs story

  • Lovely tight 12 yr old p****

  • Such bull s***

  • No she didn't. Dumbass!!

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