Teaching little sister

My 13 y sister came to me one night . She told me that her boyfriend wonted to have s** with her . She dead she was nervous and don't know how . Thin she asked me to show how to have s** . I had often thought about her like this . So with out any response my arms was around her and our lips was locked . I lift her off the floor and placed her on my bed . She was so sexy laying there in a black dress . I got in bed next to her and started kissing and fingering her as we witch p*** on my phone to give her some references to what we was doing . After a bit I lift her dress and started eating her out . She had a great taste I was in love. Next I got on top of her and with a hard shove I was haf way in she cried out loud sobin it to big . With how loud she was its good our parents wasn't home . I slowly moved in and out going a little deeper each time . I got most of my 11 in d*** in her to this day I have trouble getting all the way in . So once she stopped crying I started getting ruff with her she loved it . We f***** 3 times that night she got a lot of c** we did every position I could come up with and the last time we even did anil . The next day she came home late . I asked her how her boyfriend did . She replied she broke up with him because of his small d*** . She looked at me with a small and said she needs a new boyfriend one that has a big d*** and thin she bent over the kitchen table and whisper I'm ready boyfriend . So I lift her dress and gave her a big d*** and hot load. We have been dating ever sen we live together in a different state . And now have 2 kids and one on the way

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  • I told you to stand on the train tracks! How many fake posts do you have? Be honest and reply.

  • Be honest and reply how many times have u commented about trains u must have been hit by one to end u that stupid

  • Getting hit by a train works every time. When see my post stand on the tracks you will know that it is the same guy.

  • Train guy stick your head in a bucket of water

  • Only sickfucking incest loving pedos should stick their head in water better yeh a bucket of acid. Are you a pedo?

  • I'm all for sibling s** but when you said 11 inch d*** the post turned into a fantasy story. I couldn't care how long my d*** is as long as it does the job.

  • Hey don't get jealous because he is hung like a stud field mouse.

  • If u had 11 in u wood be bragging to

  • I bet u wish u had 11 in to

  • I've never had any complaints but I'm certainly not going start measuring it.

  • Thats because no one seen it.

  • I would never try an 11" into my c***. If the technique is good enough I am happy with my 7" - hard and throbbing.

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