Sister and son

I'm 43 and got a sister who's 40 but doesn't look it,in the summer we was chatting in the garden and she asked how's in been with my son moving back in, said it's ok just hope i don't have another embarrassing situation and told her i walked in on him wanking when he was 16,it was the only thing she wanted to talk about,she likes the attention from guys and the following day she was dressed slutty skirt shirt with her t*** on show and stockings and suspenders,i asked why she was dressed like that she said she was going to face some fun,he came and sat in the garden with us and straight away she mentioned when i caught him,they both started with all the dirty talk like i wasn't there, around half hour later she didn't come back out after she said she needed the toilet so i went in and that's when i heard them in his room , when i got to his room he was f****** her hard her knickers in her mouth trying not to made a sound,i stood and watched in shock minutes later she seen me and didn't care how loud she was,and it was me asking her questions after and she said something that stuck in my head for weeks after, said im his aunt and i f***** him why not you do him.

Feb 23, 2020

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  • Lucky son ! When I was 16 my mum was 46.
    I had to be satisfied spying on her naked and sniffing her dirty knickers while I adored her hairy f**** and nice white t*** and bum.
    I imagined f****** her so many times.
    I'm sure mum knew but she never said a word about me wanking over her.

  • No use now to talk to your sister of son, just join them in 3-some s**. Since it will be consensual, no harm doing it.

  • Last summer me my sister and son spent the summer at our house in Maine. They were spending a lot of time together. I came back early from shopping in town and caught my sister and son having s** on the back porch. I was p***** and didn't talk to them for 3 days, but at night I started masturbating think about them.

    That Friday night I woke up with them in my bed, kissing my body. I resisted at first but then surrendered and let it happen.

    That night I tasted p**** for the first time, and my son f***** me like I have never been f***** before. His c*** is large and magnificent.

    It has been going on since that night. I'm in love with my sister and son. I realized our incestuous love is the only thing that can make me happy.

    BTW, my sister is pregnant and I'm 4 weeks late. I hope my son knocked me up too.

  • I didn't think about a 3way, don't think he could handle us both.

  • You just might be surprised!

  • 3 way

  • U should f*** her

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