Uncles ex wife

My uncles marriage lasted 2 years because he cheated,is ex wife roxy is stunning with long blonde hair and perfect t*** and not forgetting her sexy ass, when i was 15 i was at their house by myself and roxy happened to catch me wanking,not only was i pleasuring myself but using her underwear too,the fear i felt knowing all my family would get to hear what i had done but they never did.i got the odd tease from her and i would give it back then after my 16th birthday i was on my way to school and was walking past there house when roxy came out,I couldn't help noticing what she had on,a black silk robe and white tights. I asked how everything was going and she told me that she kicked out my uncle for cheating, wasn't much i could say just that he is a fool and she put her hand on my arm and said that ive always been a sweetheart to her,she asked me in and turned around and what i thought was tights she had on was actually stockings her legs looked perfect in them, each step she took i got to see a glimpse of her butt cheeks.when i got inside i was trying to hide my b**** and she instantly said sweetheart don't worry remember i seen it all before and she went on to say why do you think i came out dressed like this to see you and removed her silk robe,I knew you would like this and roxy asked have i been with any girl which i had twice before then roxy got up and said not with a woman you haven't.roxy took her bra and then her knickers and stood up and im looking directly at her bald p**** and she gets me to follow her to her bedroom.she joked we couldn't have s** if i was still dressed and i quickly got my clothes off,we got into bed and she moved on top of me and roxy slowly f****** me and started to talk about that time she caught me and the real reason she left the room that day was because if she stayed she would of done something against the law, like a crazy woman roxy began to f*** me faster her headboard hitting the wall and her t*** bouncing i desperately tried to stop myself from c****** but couldn't.I remember roxy still on top with my d*** still in her and i said sorry because it was all over quickly and she told me not to worry as she was slowly move back and forth and my still erect d***,I'm glad she did because i got to enjoy it longer before she was off again,it's been 4 years and i still get h**** like i did the first time we had s** when we meet up.

Mar 18

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