Pregnant by Younger Brother 4 times

I'm 60 years old, and I never did an online confession .

When my brother was 14 and I was 20, we started a life time incestuous love affair. I went to him and gave him my body. He was tall for his age and well muscled, I loved him so much I could only think of him inside me.

We are still together as a married couple. 40 years ago it was very easy to establish a fake identity and that what we did. Our entire family knows about us and accepted it.

We had 4 daughters together and we love them more than life itself.

BTW the s** is still incredible. We make love and 69 every day. I still love a***, as we did it for years when I would have my period.


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  • Dirty old p oofters

  • Don't worry Vince McMahon will help you

  • I swear people that reply to thew post are dumber than a stump.

  • Totally agree, but let me guess... you "posted this on your phone" and "autocorrect worked-but-didn't" and all the other excuses the kids think actually work?

  • Please learn to spell.

  • Why?

  • Explain why you are confused. You might want to use small words to avoid injuring yourself.

  • I don't understand why someone like you would come on a confession site just to b****? Even if the confessions are bs, what difference does it make to you? Come on, lighten up my friend.

  • The same freedom of speech that lets people post lame bullshit storys on here also applies to others who have the freedom to call it out. It's fun to poke dumb people and listen to them whine. Thanks for playing! =)

  • Lol. Not everyone who is on here is dumb. There is alot of BS but I treat it as desire or fantasy. It's interesting what people enjoy posting about but don't assume all posts are lies.

  • Sure, and the ones who *intelligently* mock the BS posts are entertaining too-- not to mention right. Sorry, you don't get to choose people's motives for commenting.

  • 👍 lol

  • When my mother was 55, she got drunk and cornered me in the kitchen and kissed me. And asked why didn't you want me. Her hand was down my pants and she ended up blowing me and swallowed. It was the best BJ of my life.

    Mom said, I never swallowed any man's c**. Your the first. I'm tied if denying my need for you. I'll do what ever you want.

    33 years later mom passed, but in those years we found true love and sexual satisfaction.

    Mom loved s** of all kinds, including kinky thing. I kiss her so much.

  • Sorry for your loss. At least you have those amazing memories. Did you two ever have s**?

  • WOW! you are indeed a lucky and brave woman. I would not call it incestuous - it is consensual. What is your life now is a matter of fantasy of many, like me. Your children are product of a long-lasting love. Love them and love your hubby-bro. Best wishes.

  • Good for you. Sounds like you have had an amazing life

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