Different races different faces.

Our church members are mostly White people but there are two large families, one Indonesian and the other Philippines. They are very nice to everyone, except they hate each other. Newcomers don’t know they are different from each other and if they make the mistake of saying something nice about one family to another, then they get told off sharply and find themselves on that family’s bad list.
It’s funny in a way, but you can’t be friends with both families. Not if they find out anyway.

Feb 27, 2020

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  • Wait, this confession is about racism. Aren't you going to go by what's currently popular and find a way to blame every single white person alive instead? Because only white people can be racist, you can tell just by the color of their skin.

  • Can't please everyone

  • Every race has racists.

  • People think that the black-white divide is something unique to U.S. whites: far from it. Race hate has been happening since people arrived on the planet: that is the foundation of European history and Asian history. And yes, even African history. Not just American history.


  • Sounds like old time Irish vs Scottish

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