Happy son

My teenage son was looking after my sisters house when we was out shopping,we came back and he wasn't down stairs and we both went up to see where he was,that's when we seen him laying on her bed with a pair of her knickers wrapped around his d*** wanking off,we couldn't help but laugh as we rushed in to the room,he looked scared as he jumped up with her underwear still around his d***,she said to him his punishment was to finish off infront of us,told him no but he was up for it,I didn't look away and he was looking at us both,she hiked up her skirt to flash her knickers and he started to w*** faster,he c** over her floor and after stood there still hard,I asked her what she was doing when she grabbed his d*** and she said getting the last drops out, yesterday i found out more knew she was up to something.

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  • I love family s**!!

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