Been wanting it

I've been having fantasy's about f****** my son,I'm 35 and have 2 kids son 16 and daughter 14,for a year ive wanted to take him to bed and drain his b****,I even wear slutty clothing to get him turned on and leave my door open hoping he would look in,then last month i had my chance my daughter left for school,I left my door open and was naked he came out of his room i turned round and just said you going to just watch or show me what you can do,I could tell by his look he wasn't sure if i meant it so i told him to come in and f*** me, nothing beats having your own son between your legs pumpping his c** into you,it's a regular thing now but we got to be careful of my daughter.



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  • Lucky You I wish I was your son!

  • Mother and son s** is great! Love it!

  • U should get her in on the fun

  • Can I join you and do your daughter please?

  • How about you leave her alone,not the first time you have done this to someone on here.

  • Quit writing these made up stupid stories. All of your one sentence, poorly punctuated, bullshît stories are too goofy to be believable. You’re not a good storyteller so just knock it off. We’re all sick of it.

  • ITA! OP must be sucking off at least one of the admins to get their bullshit put up over and over again. Or maybe it is an admin, in which case Hey, try doing your job instead, this place has turned into a daycare for hyperfocused mentally ill people with no lives!!

  • The sooner you punch out the drywall over that door, the sooner you'll be finished hanging yourself.

  • Having a interest in incest doesn't make you mentally ill. I think you need to open your mind.

  • Lucky boy

  • Your son is old enough for s** so enjoy! Best keep it from your daughter obviously being only 14.

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