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found myself addicted to my straight co worker... he is very chubby, shows not bulge in his crotch, little hands and arrogant. Drawn to his character, wit and intelligence. Been in a relationship for 20 years and now the highlighrt of my day is going to work to chat and be near him.. I don't like these uncomfortable feelings.. what shoud I do?


Jul 8, 2010

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  • Invite him out for a drink and tell him your situation. Make a pass by grabbing his hand and placing it on your crotch.. if he rubs and responds - go for it.. If he freaks out, apologize and move on... He might be impressed if you are packin since he obviously is small per your post...Yeah, maybe his arrogance is a smoke screen for his physical limitations...

  • Well... it seems like a fine non-sexual relationship. Which is just fine. Perhaps he is a gem and teddy bear once he takes off his game-face. He probably does have a complex where he knows there are some aspects of his apperance he doesn't like so acts more arrogant to force his intelligence.

    Can you keep it non-sexual? Perhaps also find time outside of work to enjoy something? Not a dinner or movie but maybe a art opening, or anything un-romantic. Amusement park? Its just that you've made a new male friend. It happens.

  • Hit on him!! I bet he'll go for it. Or at least be flattered.

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