Niece in law's thong

Not long ago I was at my nephew's house visiting and he was called into work. Needless to say I hung out with his blonde haired blue eyed wife with an amazing body..
She was wearing a short denim skirt this day. She sat on the sofa across from me, actually sat with her legs under her perfect ass.. I immediately noticed the crotch of her blue thong.. Long story short I had to go back the next day to help my nephew... Later in the day when I was about to leave I went inside to use the bathroom,and went right into the hamper,and found that sexy thong.. Sniffed the crotch and it still smelled fresh.. I placed them in my pocket and left, rubbing myself the entire drive home. Once home,I went to town on my raging h******, sniffing her thong.. The smell was amazing,and sweet... With a nice little white stain.. I lasted two rounds and shot ropes.. I really love finding them in her spandex pants in the hamper... Yummy,so warm and mmmm

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  • Me and 3 other people work surveillance on third shift. It's a boring job so we play poker to pass the time. One coworker is a female. She didn't have enough for the bet so she took off her thong and threw it in the pot. I won the hand and jokingly picked up her panties and smelled them in front of her. Her smell was so good it gave me an instant h******. I stopped and never said another word instead just stuffing them in my pocket.

  • Omg Kenny is that U?

  • Just to let you know quite often the panties/things are often wet and stained because of s** and that means a lot of you are sucking men's juices C U M out of the panties just thought I would let you know ;)

  • U R not 2 smart. Women secretion is also white.

  • I get my neighbours wifes panties after she’s wore them all day at work from her bathroom hamper,I like to suck the crotch as I w***.

  • Bet they smelt and tasted to have shared them and sucked each other off.

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