I’m in the mood again

I keep getting These phases where I want to get f***** in my ass by a dominant guy, I haven’t done anything gay before but this turns me on so much. If anyone got Snapchat or discord please leave it in the comments so I can please whoever I just need someone to c** in my ass I’ll do whatever you want, I’m chubby and hairy

Mar 10, 2020

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  • Try a dog! They’re dominant and know how to jackhammer your back door, licking you clean before and after...

  • I think about getting f***** in the ass too I am thinking about doing it at this point

  • What’s your snap chat. I would love to f*** your chubby ass. I’m straight but love to f*** ass. I would make u my b****. I love love to pound your virgin ass

  • Bhoover84

  • Ugh I need this

  • Did you add?

  • Just tell me your snap and I’ll add you

  • Be careful what you ask for. One that first c*** is in your ass, you'll be hooked for life.

    My friend begged me f*** him, now he obsessed with me f****** him every day. His ass feels great, but it's a pain having him show up every morning to get a***.

  • I need it I can’t stop thinking about it, I just gotta try it 😫

  • Its wonderful darling, I have been a gay transvestite for more than thirty years, I own a ladies boutique so work in an environment I adore, Ladies Clothes.
    I have a retired neighbour, Jack, who adores me and his wife Elsie is no longer interested in s**, so Jack comes to my apartment for fulfilment.
    He is well blessed down below, not 12 inches, but thick and a good seven or eight erect.
    We do have fun together, very loving, lots of intimacy, kissing, caressing and he loves me dressed when he takes me.
    I love to feel him in me, it drives me wild and he can last the distance the naughty boy!!
    Jack is turned on by fifties fashion, stockings, suspenders and tight white nylon knickers and of course the obligatory flouncy petticoat and I adore wearing them. He is very attentive to my own manhood when it is trapped in the knickers, gently caressing it while he thrusts from behind with my petti lifted up exposing my willing bottom.
    When Elsie stays with her sister jack stays the night with me and then he likes me to wear vintage nylon negligees and French silk knickers and I have a lovely collection to spoil him. It is wonderful being in bed with Jack, feeling his erection pushing against my body, pulling my knickers aside and then pushing it in, he's a darling the naughty boy.

  • That sounds hot. I’m straight but love giving a***. I would love to have you dress up for me and please your ass. I would love to see you walking around in stockings heels and garter. I would like your pussyass for hours. I would love to slide my c*** deep in your ass. I would do whatever you want.

  • I suggest getting a two d***** first, a 6 inch and a 12 inches to start, lub your ass well and then start with the 6 inch to warm up for a few days. Then use the 12 inch SLOWLY. It may hurt at first just go slow.

    Also you may c** hand free when when you start with the 6 inch. You definitely will with the 12.

    I'd start using the 12 inch on a Friday night as you have all weekend to recover. The first time I used a 12 inch on my ass, I came almost at once. I went crazy and ass f***** myself for 6 hours, I came many times. I fell a sleep with it in my ass.

    The next morning, I was a mess, I had to call on sick. I could barely walk and my ass bled from to much f******.

    It 5 years now, and my ass takes the 12 inch every night for an hour I c** 2 or 3 times from it. I have not wanted to be with a man or woman since the first time the d***** are perfect a*** lovers they never get soft.

    I also have a huge 18 inch d**** what is 8 inches wide. It has a floor attachment so I can sit on it. Its pure agony inserting it but once inside me it pure heaven. I never want to take it out. Even when my c*** is soft at insertion I c** at once.

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