forget it

I'm done wasting my breath trying to do the right thing and talk you into working things out with her. You obviously don't want to. You want us both. I see that. Fine. So now, I'm going to f*** you as I see fit. Trust me- she knows anyway, she's just playing dumb. So let's let her play dumb. Meanwhile...

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I agree, if he wanted just her he wouldn't need convincing. If you're both grown ups and its consensual then go for it.

  • ^I agree with you, poster above you is a grade A idiot. Women can take advantage of men too you know, it happens.

  • ^ with so many stupid people out there, sometimes i lose faith in humanity.

  • ^^LOL! Taking advantage of a man? LOL Oh that was good. I can't quit giggling over that one.

    Look, if he wants you both, then yes- quit wasting your breath. When people KNOW what they want, you CAN'T convince them otherwise. If he was even serious about her, he wouldn't need you talking him into anything anyway. You're walking into it with your eyes wide open. F*** it. Enjoy yourself.

  • That's the thing. You selfishly want his d*** under the illusion of helping him. You're taking advantage of a man in vulnerable situation!

  • Whats so good about his d*** that you can not stay out of the poison relationship?


    Um, rule #1: "therapist" should never sleep with patient. If you don't know why, then you shouldn't be "helping" him or anyone out. Good f****** god.

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