Walked in on my kids in bed

I just walked on my sun b**** deep in his little sister . That both seem to be loving it . So instead of yelling at thim I started giving my sun tip I washed my little girl have her first squatting o****** after the finished she told me she was going to visit me tonight after her shower .



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  • Provide them with birth control

  • F*** that!

  • Its the right thing to do.

  • Only because this annoys me... "Sun" -That big ball of fire in the center of our solar system, also known as a 'Star.'
    "Son" -A male child.

    Lastly... "Complete Bullshit," what this story is!

  • Don't be too harsh lol

  • Another fake story. But the guy who can't spell. Loser.


  • Would love too

  • I would love to be ballsdeep in her too

  • I would be waiting naked for her all lubed up.

  • Enough lube and the ass is ready any age

  • This site is surreal.

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